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I'm going to be right here waiting for him and like I bet you've heard that like five hundred million Brazilian time I have and it never gets old especially even now. Today's say that when you guys met no but after we got married it was really after we got married Almost four years ago that she started doing that all the time and it really doesn't get also like we'll be out somewhere and the high just need to run into Ralph's to get some spinach for okay and I'll pull up or if I have to run an errand or something and she's she'll go. I'll be right here waiting for you. That's her that's her little look. It never gets old never gets old but when I say it's a little different than when the beautiful woman in the world that you're married says it. I mean I really she. I'd get speechless. You know talking about even now and you've been married for years. How long did you date before? Not That Long. Maybe year and a half. Yeah how long after you met Daisy Fuentes? By the way if you went and looked at my closet you would notice that. I have a lot of the dresses that she signed. Her brand has been on fire for fifteen years. Yeah I don't know why I don't look like she looked when you you know what's up with that but how long after you met the most beautiful woman in the World Richard Marx. Did you know you were GonNa like WanNa spend the rest of your life with her? I mean you know. Our trajectory was a little complicated because I actually talked her on the phone. Twenty five years ago briefly she was supposed to interview me on. Mtv She was on MTV many years. And I always like everybody else had a crush on her. You know from afar thought. She was a girl crush on her. Yeah most of most of our most of the women in my life have a crush on days. Yeah so you know. She's obviously physically beautiful but there were even back down. I remember when I would see her on. Mtv I would think she's just cool. She would be fun to hang out with but it was. That was it because I was married for one hundred years and and from the I was twenty one I was with my ex wife and and so it was never like you know it was just a crush crush but we spoke on the phone. 'cause she was supposed to interview me and something happened and So we talked on the phone for like a minute flash forward to. I'm single for half a second and I did a GIG in La and she adds where I met her and when she walked backstage which she she usually doesn't do the backstage thing But she walked into the room. And this sounds so sappy. But it's really like that was the moment despite all the songs I've written. I never really believed in love at first sight or any of that though even though you wrote about it and I've played all those songs all those years and there are aspects of course to of the relationship songs that I've written that I stand behind but a lot of it is also just sort of you write about what you hope. Will you wish you know? I didn't believe in that because it just seems so ridiculous. You can't know that all I can tell you is when when I first saw her when she walked through the door. What happened to me physically? Was I just remember thinking? My life is different now and no matter what would have happened. There was something just so electric about that moment. Her walking towards me and we met. And what's really amazing is it was at a at this gig in La for at the Grammy Museum. So there's actually. There was a getty photographer. There is a photo of the minute we met. Did he get the look on your face? Did he just say it's a sweet smile but for both of us but you know we literally you know hugged and then the guys. Hey can I get a picture of YOU GUYS? And we turned and so so we have. There's that photograph how Sweden you know we said. How could we not have met all these years? Well the thing that's amazing about her is that We exchanged numbers and I started to. I was like Oh my God she the she's just extrordinary and she's this and she's like. I've got to get to know her and we started to hang out a little bit but she was so smart she knew I was coming out of a really really long marriage and that I'd never been single in my adult life and she made me be single for awhile. She she kinda shut down. She was like you need to know what it's like to be single. You've never experienced that. And she's like I hope it doesn't ultimately blow on my face but I can't just sort of dive into a relationship knowing that you've never had that experience and you need to go hang out and I was like I don't want to. I like I choose. Would I ever look at it down the woman when I got me? Heart mind body and so it was brilliant and I- reluctant like she really kind of gave me no choice. She kind of just said you know I. I love hanging out with you but you need to. You need to go play the field. You need to play the field. You need to know what it's like to be on your own single in. And so she kind of we. That was like eight nine months and then little by little we started to reintroduce ourselves to each other and that was really cool. Because it wasn't just sort of like a full-on dating thing we were. We then got to the court her sounds. I always always to into that but there was something about like when we reconnected. Eight or nine months later it was really through sending each other links to thoughtful ideas and lectures and quotes and it was that kind of courting it was like we were. We were connecting in a way. Like like how can we help each other as human beings because we really like each other? We really really care for each other. And we were both on this journey of exploration which were still on together as a married couple and it was really kind of cool. Plus Martinis pretty is pretty MARTINIS. Yeah wow so you reconnected and you started this courtship and then. How long was it before you walk down the aisle? Oh well so we had sort of decided. I felt like we had decided that we didn't need to get married. In fact we both talked a lot about how we thought that marriage was kind of dumb. Says he who has a wedding ring on right but I will say this one thing. I did learn at least in my experience with all the people that I know who stories I really know is that there seems to almost always be some agenda to to people getting married by one person or the other. Either it's financial security or it's I want to have a baby or it's I don't WanNa be alone. I don't want to grow old alone where there is even the most kind sweet. It's still an agenda. It's still I need something from that person. And a contractual obligation will will get me what I'm after. Use really true and so we were fine. We were really having a great time. You know we adopted a couple of dogs and and we were just great and then it hit me. We took this trip. I was performing in Singapore I had a private show in Singapore on Saturday night and a week later I had a public show in a beautiful venue on the following Saturday. And so we spent the week in between in the Maldives movie. We'd never been there before. And we travel really well together. And we had this blissful week and I remember coming back to Singapore Thinking. I want her to be my family but there was just something about like I. I WANNA marry her for the only reason that I think you should. Which is I? There's no reason I want her to be family. You know and I decided that I was going to propose when we got back from this trip and it was the day the next day and I remember saying You know wanted. She opened the the ring box. She was so shocked. She couldn't breathe so the first thing is it was Britain breath. I said I just want you to know. There's no wrong answer. I would love to marry him but if this is not something you want it do you want. You don't want to change what we are. I'm totally fine either way. It's all good and she took a minute and she said the most amazing thing to me she said. I decided a long time ago that I never wanted to be married but I want to be married to you And so we got married a month later we were actually This was in December. We were we were going to have all of our family together over the holidays in Aspen. We rented a house in Aspen to spend Christmas with our families and so she said he really serious about this. 'cause we could just do it at the. House over the holiday. I said Great and her Sister Rosanna got ordained in the state of Colorado and she married US sweet. Awesome sweet sweet sweet. So yeah we're coming up on four years married and you have children. That are older. How today how did they take to step mom being the most beautiful woman in the world as they as they got to know daisy as far as my boys you know they obviously protective of me And they suss it out pretty quickly and so they had gotten to know her for several months and and we had a birthday party for my mom her eightieth birthday and we were toasting her and celebrating stuff and then my oldest son Brandon. So I just WanNa make one more toast and he said I want to make a toast to daisy because I've never seen my father so happy And they've all it all started with that they start. They saw in my my middle son. Lucas and I. He's kind of going through some personal stuff right now with his relationships on He's a really thoughtful amazing man young man and he's really fascinated with the concept of changing your behavior there there. There's the argument that some people go. It just can't be done and I I completely disagree with that. You know and we were kind of going back and forth like do you ever really changes. Are People Really Do they have the potential to really change in Lucas said? In every time I have that question I think of you. And he said you're a different man than you were before and and I don't mean that in any Pejorative negative way about my ex wife. Who's a wonderful person? It was me it was like I wasn't I wasn't living my true self and what my son's now have now been seeing for five years. Is this other aspect of me. That's completely authentic. That they have gotten even closer to my relationship with my sons has never been better and it would be a drag but it would be doable if they didn't if they didn't really get along that well as we would deal with it right but they've become such close friends with her and they. I I do they admire daisy and respect her like I do but they also just love. They love hanging out with her because she's so freaking fun she is just we we as a as the new version of this family. Just have a blast..

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