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He was coming off of injury. But he signed a hundred and twenty two million dollar deal in two thousand sixteen in two thousand seventeen when was injured the team went four and twelve and now Angela has a twenty four point four million dollar cap hit in two thousand eighteen that was his cap numbers. So that was kind of the place at the colts were working with and yet through that they had four tier one players. They had Andrew luck t y Hilton this year, they drafted Quinton Nelson and Darius Leonard so it's a mix of players that they had drafted previously and retained and developed and then new players that they added that that just absolutely nailed the draft. But the thing that I thought was interesting about the Colt was that they also had strengthened the secondary. They had to tier two players. So those are going to be your kind of core foundational players and to tier three players in the secondary. They had safety Mike Mitchell. He's a ten year vet not under contract for twenty nineteen definitely in that. Tear me cooker first round draft pick and twenty seventeen at corner, they've got peer to peer he was a one year value free agent that they signed because he had a peck injury. And so he returned but played at similarly high level and you've got Quincy Wilson second round draft pick in two thousand seventeen so their secondary was one of their strengths. They had great defense at stretches throughout the year. And they did. So with a mix of rookies players. They've developed transition that transitional tier and they've got a core player in there as well in Mali cooker. And I think that overall you've got a blend of different tiers that created a strong unit at one of the more important positions that you need on defense. Right. That's kind of the next step. Right. So once you the quarterback situation determines and a lot of ways the number of resources that you have available to spend right in in terms of free agency dollars, of course. But then from there what you choose to do with those resources as kind of a next probably more important part, really? And where you're devoting though. Draft picks where you devoting that free agent spending too. And so yeah, I think you look at teams like the colts who have been able to get players in the secondary there. They drafted they have a couple players kind of in the tier three tier four range that are looking at pass rushers. So I think you have guys that they're going after key spots for those. And I think that's the important thing. Right. Even though I think you could argue that like Nelson may be doesn't quite fit that I'm not like necessarily totally in love with all their moves. But the point is that they're kind of they're still going after that was a look at more. The offense of line is a whole protecting. Andrew luck giving him clean pockets to help passing efficiency. Right. So these are all things that they've done. Well, that was contributed to them coming out and having a stronger than I think a lot of people expected, and you think about their production, which is probably one of their weaker components this year, but they had a tier four player developmental player. They drafted in two thousand eighteen and write Ray. And then they have Jamal sheared which similarly to what the Niners last year is a traditional player. He is a veteran that they signed. And he performed exactly what you want to three player to do..

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