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I'm sorry. I don't think we're going to go there. No i i can't imagine we're talking about it but imagine what a crazy like false. You know life that was. it's almost like anything else. Like a shoot like a gypsy. Shishir school. I'm so sorry i don't have never talked about so i can't imagine what that's like because that wasn't my life but i find it fascinating and it. It's almost like you. Were you know in a little Family cameras almost right after compartmentalize that moment in my life because too heavy right you know going through that almost like you're in a bubble and yeah so when you're secluded in the midwest rain have neighbors right and you're living on you know all this huge farm. You don't have people that tell you what's right and what's wrong. Did you go to a regular school privacy. They ran the school to Lived on religious group. Commune kind of community. Yeah okay because some people would call it a cult. Anyone so what they did on that in that community was very intense. And it's wrong. And in fact i will for the rest of my life work towards shutting them all down because of happened to me okay and my brothers and sisters and all the other kids on the on the on the community and everything that happened there was just wrong so going being where i'm at today and going through what i went through. Was you know something that. I think that any young child should never have to endure and so for me to see them. Raise money and steal and manipulate that religion to me is a joke. And i don't want to say that to some people that believe in christ god because there are the churches out there but when i experienced was not okay so to.

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