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Some technology to kill shuji by strangling him with the rope and with the help of four other disciples although hideo is best known for assassinating dissidents within the organisation his main purpose in ulm shin ricoh was as a scientist one of his greatest accomplishments for the cult was designing a helmet that was meant to help the wearer align their brain waves was show showcause shoko charge members ten thousand dollars per month for members to rent details helmets which healthy organization generate massive revenue although he dale was a wellspoken student and astrophysics who had clear used to shoko as a scientist hideo also had a fascination with the cult and a dark side that shoko was happy to use to his own purposes although shoko would eventually turn on hideo for now shoko found him useful and made sure shuji is murder was covered up so that both hit dale and the all morgan his eishin would be free from suspicion by the police to further protect his organization from police investigation show oh god only shinri kyo recognized as an official religion in japan this was more than a sign of legitimacy as we mentioned previously in part one the united states pushed japanese legislators to pass laws that made it very difficult for japanese law enforcement to investigate new religions the purpose of protecting new religions was to undermine the traditional japanese belief that the emperor was a god while this was useful for american interests after the end of world war two the law also enabled option rikkyo to carry on illegal activities with impunity as of 1989 police were powerless to take action against this statesanctioned religion but while it was difficult to go after all machine rico with criminal charges civil charges were another matter suit so me sock emoto a lawyer known for lawsuits against cults was the next person to join the fight against option reco in october nineteen eighty nine suit soon gathered together numerous families who all had grievances with.

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