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Is about to change very dramatically. If we don't change course very dramatically the sign says we need to do that immediately and the science says that something like all of civilization is at stake if we don't and I look at the world and I see nobody acting as though that's the case and I'm confused and I'm frustrated and I'm angry and I want you to know what I know about the scale of the crisis because I can't understand if you did understand it how you would be doing anything but what I'm doing which is devoting my entire life to this challenge Enj- David. You've met with Greta you talk to her in person. I wonder how is she handling all of this insane attention for her voyage across the Atlantic Meeting Barack Obama you know going to the UN to be the sort of marquee speaker of this climate summit how how does that weigh on a sixteen year old like her. I mean it seems to me like she's tired and it's been a really crazy couple of weeks for her. I think she feels gratified. That all of these people are out with her sort of in speaking in unison about the urgency of crisis but I don't think it's something that she relishes in the one on one interview. I think it was easier for her to kind of focus and have a direct exchange that sort of impression I had of her then was that she was the most teenager like that. I've seen her are in any context. She was self deprecating. She made a few cracks about other people in the room and that kind of thing which is not something I've seen from her in any public look statements but I think that you see the speech that she gave at the UN during the climate summit someone who is a bit being pushed to sort of breaking point. I mean for the first time she was speaking in much more heated tones much more emotionally. I shouldn't be up here. I should be back in school on on the other side of the ocean yet. You all come to US young people for hope. How dare you you have stolen stolen my dreams in my childhood with your empty words yet. I'm one of the ones people are suffering. Think people are dying entire ecosystems collapsing. We are in the beginning of a mass extinction and so you can talk about money and fairy tales of economic growth..

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