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Get a $59 precision furnace tuna by calling 809 48, Mike traffic and weather together on the H drink McClure on the Traffic Center. All right, Dallas take a quick look at the Beltway through Montgomery, Prince George's counties with the traffic cameras. It looks like you're still moving all along both loops and seeing good movement on the Virginia side as well. To 70, Maryland. No problems to and from Frederick, the BW Parkway. The delays are growing heading north through Riverdale, where we had a crash reported after 4 10 that could be blocking the lane park police with it sorted things out as we speak. 95 Maryland side. The crash reported North bound your I d i, C C has authorities in route route 50 still moving well, both directions through Cheverly Bully in Annapolis across the Bay Bridge. No delays there. Three Lanes west and two lanes east across the bay on the Virginia side is still very quiet. 66 3, 95 95 GW Parkway and no problems either direction along those stretchers, but through the district, Southwest listening, confirmed crash. Eastbound on the freeway after South Capitol Street, with the center lane blocked and last check traffic was getting by to both the left right lanes. Be careful as you approach and just got word of another mishap along the North Bound D. C to 95 near Pennsylvania Avenue, reported to be on the left side of the road Waste Be careful stain right. W T. O P. Reporters were driven by Fitzgerald Auto Mall shop. It's first and save money on New Toyotas, Hyundais and Subaru's visit. Fit small dot com transparency you could trust Eric McClure. W T O P TRAP to NBC four Samara Theodore Now somewhere. It's gonna get nasty out there. Yeah, we are tracking a wintry storm. Not only Monday, but also Wednesday night into Thursday, but tomorrow and.

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