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Was on a business call for work and this is gonna work to do something in a partner they're called and was like oh and by the way blair you're doing so great on this call without your ritalin because i tweeted about running out of my ruin description oh my god and i was like okay so i know that you know that i tweeted about running on my relative prescription but this is work like i felt so dragged why so i think that like those older generation person i think that it's a mix like my mom calling the rock haw and then the rock responding i'm like okay so that means they're friends because when you can video your friends in real life that's what we learned it so i'm like okay so this is very i was like sorry mr the rock my mom didn't mean to tag you could i ask you i want to go back just a moment because i feel like you might have something helpful to say in this for me i i don't think i will ever be faith was a really important part of my life the faith community that i grew up in was really important part of my life but i don't know that i will ever be able to be a part of another faith community because i am so mad at the humans that have created systems around these are these are essentially faith is ideas that people shared with each other about what we're all doing here that's the whole point of it right and those ideas are collected its collective wisdom of human wisdom and that is so valuable right because we only have like however many years we have on this planet so we should learn from the people who left something behind we should try to get a head start and read the things that people thought before we will always do better when we like share yeah and gather knowledge but i'm so mad at the manipulation of like it or the how faiths by into power structure that i can't abide like i don't think even something that was not the catholic church like a some a christian faith that was really welcoming to queer folks or really did a lot of like racial justice or like buddhism or something like that that when folks are more new agey they're like i practiced buddhism because there's not problem is there isn't a q even buddhists persecute folks but i totally hear you like what do you do with that you personally with any anger it's val unless it's like random racial anger that you're like you know no no unless it's random racial and then you should go fuck yourself okay sure okay yes but i think that with any anger it's necessary for you to allow yourself to feel it and to understand where it's coming from and why it's there so you seem to understand where the you know the anger is coming from and so i think it's really valid and i think for me the way i do everything and it's because my mom like studied social work and psychology and my dad's mental health but anytime i was like mad at anything at school they would be like well what was their point of view what did they go through that day why did they say that and i'd be like why are we sympathizing with the person who was a dick to me today mom and she's like because it makes you more compassionate person and i do that now like it helps me a lot with when i deal with trolls and stuff but as far as like a religious institution i was really mad at christianity for a long time that's actually why i stopped being a christian because i was learning about this you know a grew up with the sense of like a black radical christian tradition and then i went to louisiana where there's a lot of white christian racists and i'm trying to figure her out how are they parsing this idea that like martin luther king found justice from christianity but you're using christianity to say that black people deserve to be enslaved and so like it also became even more complex and i'm going to these black churches in louisiana and seeing a picture of white jesus and i'm thinking about like there was a sermon about police brutality and how we have to be compassionate to our oppressors and i just couldn't get that image out of my mind like a group of black people and then white jesus and then.

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