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Onto the sixers series. I think the six just a better team. Brad in russ are terrific They're gonna make it interesting every night. They're going to keep them in the game. Brad's going to score. Thirty russ is going to get a triple double close to it. But though need their role players to step up they'll need smith and a lot of those other guys to to be effective to be efficient to be aggressive When those traps are coming they're going to need to release show up in the other key will be not allowing by harris a score. Nearly forty points i think. Bow the difference. Toby's a really good player he's aggressive. He's got a mid post game but you can't let him get off like that understanding that joel embiid is already hard enough to stop and is going to demand a double and triple team. And then you let steph curry steph curry steps brother. Seth who's also very good at basketball hit three threes and kind of spark a run throughout that game. But i think the sixers take that series and make it very very interesting with potential matchup in the second round. Well into the west lakers and suns tied one one. This series just comes down to chris. Paul and his health honestly He's the difference for them. He's the guy that kinda makes them go. He put them over the hump with his fourth quarter leadership closing ability Pick and roll stuff the way he runs a team is unlike anything we've seen and without him it's tougher it's tougher. Devon booker is tougher injury. Eight minutes tough. Run the coaching staff in the in that team in general because he's leader in spark plug for them. So i i think if he's not seventy five percent they don't really have a chance they'll compete. The games will be closed. But they'll need him to be alvin. I'm just not sure he will be able to in this series and it's unfortunate because this is a very very winnable series for the sohn's looking at ad. He flipped the switch again Playing extremely well after the thirteen point performance. Tidiest career low. Got back in the gym. So you need to tighten things up. More aggressive ended up. Shooting twenty one free throws which is insane. I don't know if i'll get the twenty one free throws in this entire playoff series but must be nice. It must be nice. Lebron was great Hit some big shots spearheaded. Their offense trump stepped up. Guys schroeder all contribute and played well for the signs. It'll it'll like i said before. Come down to the health. Obviously they'll need mckell to play well. Eight and has been great in his first playoff Cameron payne hat. Goes off to cameron payne. He was in china. he was in the g. league. He's kind of bouncing around. I think he scored nineteen points last night about six assists Stepped up in the absence of chris paul. But they're going to need a little bit more to get over. The hump and book is going to have to find ways to get free because those double teams are coming. Clippers are in danger. Mavs up to oh. Luca goes off for thirty nine points. Clippers are definitely falling short of expectations Dropping two consecutive games at home after tanking down the stretch of the regular season there was a lot of conversations and talks about them specifically trying to avoid the lakers. Only to go down to against the mavs. Lucas been great. They have in double team enough. They switched to hardaway junior. Hit some big shots down. The stretch porzingas goes to the club. One night comes back ball the next and also looked great. I think them as a team right now. They wanted this matchup thankful for this match up and they're taking this personal based on the lost they took last year. the clippers. It is dammit time as damaged time for them for sure they have to get a must win game three against the team who shoots well everywhere especially at home and texas basically wide open. So you know they're going to have a lot of fans in that arena so it's going to be interesting to see how pg plays substitution patterns tie. Lou make obviously quite had forty forty or forty one in game two. pg will play well You need the role players. How many minutes with a give surge. How often they trap luca. How their rotations b We'll we'll continue to attack. Patrick beverley Because he was abusing him all night. You know seeking him out talking trash to him and it's just not looking good for them. I got the as winning this one in five. Dan time for the clippers onto the jest. Grizzlies up one. Oh on the jazz donovan. Mitchell sits out late scratching game one John moran goes bonkers still Scores over thirty points talk in trash. Basically saying no one out there could check him. He got to his spas left hand right hand. Me's all those things look great. They ended up falun rudy. Gobert out so. I look for the jazz to really try to respond After a lacklustre performance. In game one jordan clarkson has been named sixth man of the year. So look for him to be extremely aggressive as he always is Look for the utah. Jazz push pay. Share the ball shoot better from three. I think guys kind of settle back into their normal roles. Bogdonovich did score twenty nine points on sixteen shots mike. Conley had twenty to eleven but only shot six of eighteen from the field. So you'll see them becoming a lot aggressive. Derrick favors becoming a lot more aggressive. Although he had a double double one game one too much better job of controlling the glass In the event that rudy is in foul trouble again. And i think donovan coming off of an ankle. Injury is in a tough spot. He's the franchise player. Obviously he's their star but he hasn't been able to play a game in over seven weeks. His first game back will be a playoff game at home on an ankle in which he'll be guarded by. Dillon brooks probably acts to guard. Dillon brooks probably have guard job. Marinas will at some point so look to see how his ankle and was body kind of responds after sitting out for so long. I think the jazz win this series I think it will be a close series Fuller close games especially when they have to go back to to memphis. But i'm looking forward.

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