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What we used to do before Wbz live with Internet. Was We made the phone call. Yeah. Yes. So you dial in. And Tony. Would be on the other side not lie. You were getting ready every not everybody called Tony. Hello Hello, hello. The yet recorded message of what the waves were doing. and. So that's how I started my serving Liz with you on the phone. All right. That's cool. What's my post session notes? Let's see. Oh, well, I guess about sailing right because why not? So when we sale ran is checking the weather several times a day for weeks you know to really look for patterns and making sure that when we leave to jump out in the sailboat with our children that it's not going to be just in front of something that will catch us or. usually it's just behind something to Kinda give us a little push but Yeah. He's looking for patterns and predicting whether or not anything. is going to pop up while we're out there but you know what? What sometimes it happens. You, want to hear about our first forecasting nightmare the absolutely tanning go. It's it wasn't really a nightmare, but we were down in the dry Tortuga 's I guess this is probably our first year sailing right and yeah, he shaking his head. Yes. bursts, your sailing and. We were learning we learning a healthy respect for the weather and You know I guess the dry Tortuga is about sixty miles from now probably more than that like eighty miles seventy miles seventy miles from key seventy miles key west. So we needed it's a healthy run seventy miles. And we needed to get a little bit of whether to push us. You know back East the problem is the winds are prevailing east. So Windsor coming out of the east and it's hard to make way in that direction. So you have to wait for a little system or something to kind of come around that's going to switch over to the West Anyway. We thought we were going to outrun a little system. was. So we're cruising along like we. We know we we've got this and sure enough it started popping up. We could see it in the distance slowly marching towards us. All we could do is put on our foul weather gear and ride that sucker out, and that's when it was quite scary because the winds you know. Windsor strong for a while like how how many miles per hour i? Bet Fifty Oh, wow. What you said now I'm thinking felt like a hundred out that I was being conservative. Probably Gusting Twenty five to thirty. Well. That's your recollection. Okay in mind the boat was it was squealing it was breaking apart at the scenes. You know illness passed away. Yeah. So anyway, the take home messages you never try to outrun the storm you do not tried out run the storm storm's GonNa come you wait. Yeah. Good lesson. Good advice Yes. All right. What about the injustice of the Week Lu? I'm stowed. Tony's brought it today. Yeah. We gotta we gotTA guess we didn't have to come up with us. Tony Yeah. Actually your what ticks you off is so in line with what ticks us off that we've already talked about the injustice that you previously proposed which is..

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