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We just had it's your girlfriend right. We never confirmed this Keelan. Keelan is my girlfriend. Yes see on your chest the other night during the reunion is that for her of course I wore bullets with the letter C on it. Signify my affinity entity former girlfriend Zena and I have a Bolo tie thing I actually texted. I got to Bolo ties and I texted a picture of both of them to ban and said Hey. Which one should I wear. He said I should've worn the other. Why get while you were the other one. Now I get it but I like them. Both but Dean and I love bullet is we actually dean was my date to the American accord more music awards last year and we went together and we both will were Bolo ties. We thought it was going to be cool and it was yeah I love the way that in just like walked over to the couch and he doesn't have any shoes on. It's like I don't remember the last time I saw shoes on shoes. I saw you take off your shoes and your socks the second you walk into around. I haven't worn underwear in a long time no. I don't think that's a huge. This is a big problem with me. Though under this is a massive issue with me. I hate this because he plays games with me. Every time around Dean tells me to do something different and I start doing it okay. Let's start the beginning. He wanted to listen. Can I tell a story. You should tell the story but I want you to tell honestly because it really upsets me. I've had massive medical issues. She's because of it giving Tallis's places. Nobody should have a callous okay. I'm going to tell her story. Although you are better storyteller I'm going to tell the story because it's about you and I it might be uncomfortable for you to tell so ben actually all three of US Bachelor Winter Games. We all grew even closer than we were before the three best friends that anyone could have really you guys. It's like everybody came there. We've made friends and then we're like. We're GONNA be friends forever and then like a couple of months later three buses. Every bachelor show is like your super preclude everyone right after the show and then the main course whatever that's that's the important thing here on that show. Ben Somehow somehow obviously. I was like announcing from the rooftops. I don't wear underwear. Ben took that to heart and he goes. I'm going to try not wearing underwear for a little bit too. There's not really reason to it. I feel like it's Kinda constricting. I don't like the fact that there's extra clothes on my body I actually do you think that there's a conspiracy that the laundry detergent companies created underwear so that we would have to wash more clothes so they could sell more detergent and you all know that. Dean hates detergent. Oh it's the worst. I don't use dryer sheets anymore because yes that's and that's really good getting utterance on your clothes. Then get absorbed into your skin is really this. Ask Tell the story anyway. Ben Adopts that mentality. He's GonNa try not worrying onto a little bit which I was super supportive of. I love hearing that I think his sperm counts are really appreciative of a two password a couple months. It's February we go on a trip to Honduras for humanity and hope which is fantastic organization that he heads up with his best friend Riley. They do an amazing job if you haven't checked it out b-share check it out. It was one of the best experiences of my life on the very last day and again this is coming from me who I'm not very religious person. Ben Obviously cold space very close to him despite my like for the despite all that I still had an amazing time so it doesn't matter whether you're religious or not you will still get a benefit out of it anyways on the very last day one of the gentleman that was with us was a pastor was his name again create a Ah Chad Chad so Chad was there and he goes hey. It's our last day in Honduras. We've all had such a great trip. I'm going to go about I'll baptize some of you guys on this last day if you're interested in like three or four people of the twelve that were there with us. We're like yes I would love. That sounds great. Ben Has Your Baptism story from a child like you. Didn't you never really been baptized. I was in a y one point right yeah and so it was like this is a great opportunity for me to get baptized. I would love it. Nothing warm surrounded by some of my great friends with an organization and I love. I love my family. Yes right your mom and dad goes up to get outside and he'd see like stops in his tracks and he goes. I'm not wearing any underwear and then he comes up to me and he goes deny. Just couldn't get baptized. Because of have you should stop wearing underwear you had pants on in a two hour bus ride and everybody was like stripping down until like sports bras and like like shorts and like like men had like boxers on so like because you can't wear clothes it's hot and it's wet and it's a long way home and this is like the most meaningful moment because I was thinking that he went on that tangent because he didn't want to talk about his relationship. Relationship is really something in the close story a month later. I text Dean Dean. I haven't been wearing underwear now for months. It hasn't been a terrible experience words from me but I have one question for you. How in the world do you work out without underworld. It's crushing me like it's embarrassing at times. It hurts at times. It's not funny goes dude. I always wear under when I worked at the compression leg yeah so anyways deans really messed up my life for the better. It's a great story. We just a piece of everything I love about what our friendship has become. Here's just a little more callous in places you don't. WanNa be exactly desert talked about real stuff destroy Israel but I WANNA be. I WanNa talk about why you went from like I'm not going to be in a relationship and I'm just GonNa like gallivant in my van for awhile that's where I am in my life to deciding that you really you liked Ceylan enough to not do that anymore or you're when you're doing it but to incorporate her in that lifestyle those that were thing for me to do yeah not not weird but you you're beautiful and you're you're just like the change it was like. What was it about her. Because you did say that one point you're like it's GonNa take someone like Super Special for me to want to change that and she was obviously that super special special so what is it about her yeah. I guess that's that's a good question. I haven't really been asked I left the show and I spent a little bit of time apart from her for the first time since having literally forty eight hours you went to the Grand Canyon right but even that even just like the time that you're sequestered your hotel room to then catching the flight to then turning back to the San Diego where I left for the Grand Canyon there are moments where I was like missing her and wanted to hang out with her and there were times where I would look over expecting to see your. I didn't see her so it was it's hard to explain like obviously went there without the intention of leaving in a relationship but then. I just met someone that really liked and I tried like try to keep convincing myself that I didn't didn't want to be in a relationship didn't want to be in a relationship and then when I eventually fulfilled that and left not in a relationship I like kept then. Why did I convince myself that. I didn't want something that clearly really. I like him a better person for being in which is the relationship you know so that's. Kinda went back you. You always amaze me really because of the depth at which you think through things not and that's not like fully complements. Let me finish here like you really do think through things and you desire. You're debt like you desire to go deep and all of a sudden. It feels like you hit the trampoline in one of bounce back up as quickly as possible to where I can get like. There's like moments. Where were you go deep and it's it's like I'm here with you and I'm sitting in this with you because you're wise you're intelligent. You're thoughtful and I know you're non-judgmental and then all of a sudden jump back up to a level of shallowness. That's like let's let's. Let's see some weird. Let's jump out of a plane. Nothing playing shallow but like it just feels like let's change the subject as quick as possible. Why like where does that. Come from because what you just you said. There is incredibly deep in insanely courageous for you but it had to come with his hesitancy right. No you're right. I do that a lot. I think it's just like deflecting flecked ability defense mechanism. I guess like I'm willing to I'm willing to give you my vulnerable parts but then I'm afraid to receive your response and so that's why it just jump into something really fast all say something really quick really deep. You know obviously depending on who's listening and then before. I give them a chance to respond. It'd be like but let me real quick and let me make this weird vis changes it. I don't I don't know I don't really I'm not not very empathetic. So when people try to our but like yes you are walking like open up to other people sometimes but then like when other people put up to me. I sometimes struggle with knowing how to feel relaxed. I don't know how to say that back and I feel like I'm not very good at that either. It's like I'm feeling for you but I can't like take what I'm feeling and put it into words. I always feel like I'm GonNa let people down by not showing support and a lot of those situations and so it's like. I don't need necessarily need support so I can. I can like unload some stuff but then I don't want to let that person down by not being able to receive it properly really. Have you seen with Ceylan a change to where you want to support like you want to support her yeah. I think that our relationship is great because we are able to lean each other in those types of situations where like like you know. She encourages me to do a lot of things that I wouldn't be doing without her I would I would think that she would say the same thing about me. I know I overheard some some things when you were saying housing as a boyfriend and she said Oh my gosh she's the worst boyfriend of all time so you know I'm not gonna go ahead and put any words in her mouth but I do like to think that we challenge each other to the point where we are both growing as individuals from the relationship which is great. Weren't you phone or instagram. Why are we doing an interview together right now. It's all weird to me. Hey Ashley as a fun game for you we we're going to play the game which we already asked. Kaelin her questions and he got her answers as well. So are you ready to see how well you know your girlfriend..

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