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This is jaakko. Podcast number two eighty four but echo. Charles in me jaakko willink. Good evening echo. Good evening anybody. Home right from the very threshold of our bungalow reached us a hoarse voice of an elderly gentleman. The voice woke us up at high noon of our first day amid the date palms of the settlement outside saddam's palace somewhere at the outskirts of baghdad. Hi guys this. Greeting that followed sounded a bit warmer are shared. English proved to be good enough so we were able to freely exchange greetings with our visitor. A learn what he wanted from us or rather as it turned out what that older feller could do for us in our iraqi reality. My name is posey. Bill posey and i am the boss here. He introduced himself to us clad in an american uniform pants and brown tee-shirt in case. You need anything lads. Just bring me the list. And i'll take care of it. That was how bill posey greeted us at one time. He might have been a strapping lad indeed but in spite of age he lost nothing of his military appearance and his advanced age only dignified him. He brought us a box full of batteries in this climate. They run out no time guys. And you'll generally operate at night. Each of you must have a large supply them. He explained putting the box on the table. That is how i remember. My first encounter with bill posey are visitor turned out to be one of the oldest if not the oldest navy seals to serve in combat in that legendary navy unit his vast experience and involvement impressed people and used his age to his advantage. Bill posey's knowledge on military bases. How they work like ours and baghdad seemed unlimited. Bill posey volunteered with the us navy. At a time when most american males did their best to steer clear of military service some of his civilian friends even faked injuries or feigned problems fearing fit for duty opinion of the draft board. Which would have meant an unwanted conscription but no wonder in the late nineteen sixties. Indo china was the scene of the brutal vietnam war and after all not every young guy had a warrior's soul during his service in the ut underwater demolition teams in vietnam posey with other ud t men and seals took part in many combat missions in patrols later time he also secured the landing of apollo twelve but when he volunteered to the first gulf war in nineteen ninety the medical board rejected him saying he was too old for further duty however in two thousand and three he deployed to baghdad. He built the camp infrastructure from scratch. Took care of our supplies and he was also an expert on our vehicles and he was a very generous man. He raised money on the base for a catholic orphanage in baghdad but he also remained a warrior until the last days of his service including taking part in combat operations. The guy was devoted to the fight and to his teammates throughout his entire career. No wonder then that are based in baghdad. Was named after him camp. Posey camp jenny posey to be exact bill. Posey had a daughter who is also in the service but in the army he said that since the commanding officer desire to name the base camp posey after him he humbly let it be named in honor of him but it was daughter. Tense the full name of our base. Was camp jenny posey and that right. There was an excerpt from.

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