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A new podcast from Michigan radio and NPR looks at how a team of women put one of the worst serial sexual abusers behind bars. This is on point. I'm Meghna Chalker bardy. We're talking about the competing visions for the character of the country those closing arguments that were hearing in the last day before the twenty eighteen midterm elections. And we want to hear from you. What are the values in the visions that you want for the future of the country? And which one of the candidates that you're going to be voting for best ascribes, or or is forwarding that value and the and that vision, and I'm joined this hour by Lisa Desjardins. She's with us from Washington. She's a correspondent for PBS NewsHour. She's been traveling a lot and spending time on the campaign trail in places such as Florida, Missouri, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania and Lisa we've got a lot of callers. Join us. So let me just get a couple of them in here while I can Steve is calling from Tampa, Florida. Steve you're on the air. Thank you for taking my call. I would just like to comment a little bit on what lease has been saying about the temperature of Florida, and what's going on down here in the election. First of all trying to use red tide is a political argument or a way to defeat. Rick Scott is kind of absurd. It's not Rick's full. It's not Donald Trump's wall the natural occurring event. It's been going down here since nineteen thing going on since then so the people of Florida lightning environment. I mean, it's, you know, the nature state, and we have wonderful climate down. Here. We've got very clean air. We've got very clean water. So it's becoming a political issue and Bill Nelson's been, you know, the Senate for almost my entire lifetime. And haven't seen too much action from him regarding that, so I I look at that as being an issue that is important Floridians, but it's not a political issue. And when you try to politicize naturally occurring event like this, it just looks stupid. Yeah. So Steve hang on going to get you yourself. Point here for a second. But about that red tide here, we've got a comment coming in on Facebook. Chris mcphail says quote in Florida environment is the key. We don't need any more of the red tide that was exasperated by big business as a result. And this is these are Chris's words of our idiot. Governor Rick Scott. Yeah. Red tide has been around forever. But man has recently made it much more deadly. What do you think about that? Steve ask him which big business. He's talking about because there hasn't been enormous influx of big businesses or increases in phosphate mining or or any of the things that you want. Maybe if you want to blame it on something blame it on the housing growth where people use fertilizer on their lawn, but it's not big businesses causing red tide. All right. Well, Steve thank you so much for your call. Lisa. Nina respond. Absolutely. That is the argument Republicans are making they're saying this is not fair to Rick Scott. This is an environmental problem that could happen at any time in has happened for hundreds of years, but the truth is whether you think it should be a political issue or not that's fair to debate. But it is a political problem for Rick Scott as you heard from Chris who wrote in. Okay. Well, let's go to Casey who's calling from Gothenburg Nebraska. Casey, you're on the air. Magna thanks for taking my call. So my main concern, and I find it very interesting that Lisa did make a shoutout to Nebraska where there is this huge amount of emotional charge in its election. Right. There's a lot of visceral reaction in how people are making their decisions and people I'm finding are very far right or far left. Right. And so we'd be in Nebraska, specifically, there's a lot of misinformation and a lot of back talk in regard, Hugh, people saying that they're willing to work bipartisan in a bipartisan manner going across party lines. But they go back on that when they don't exactly against the that point that are trying to make and voting on party lines. And so when I make my vote I'm looking at those candidates that are willing to work across. Are you live in order to actually get things that she? So you're looking at their actual voting records. Then. Absolutely. Okay..

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