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Is a very real threat on facebook there many variations but the main lure is a claim that the target has won a large sum of money on facebook this is a form of lottery's promotions and sweepstakes usually a hacked facebook account is used contact someone on their friends list this niki trick brings an element of social engineering into the mix the unsuspecting user receives a facebook message from a friend and this could lowered their suspicions here is an example of one such message from a recent scam victim she message me on facebook saying did you hear the good news the intended says i said what news the scammer says i've got some money and you are on the list anytime you're asked to pay a fee up front for a prize you have supposedly one you should be very suspicious if you really wanna cash prize why couldn't they just deduct the fees and forward you the rest for a lot of users this seems like common sense but scammers often prey on the naive and less tech savvy crowd make sure your friends and loved ones are aware of this threat always remember that just because a message comes from a facebook friend doesn't mean it's legitimate hacked accounts are often used to spread scams spam and malware recently a local person fell for a similar scam and cost the person three hundred dollars coffee county sheriff's department investigator jason indies says he wants to warn the public that this is a scam make sure who you are talking to is truly someone you know indi added that you should never give out personal information or send money to anyone you don't know this particular scam ask you to send money by western union if you think you have been scammed contact local law enforcement congratulations to the student of the week logan smith logan is the daughter of kelly and already smith and as an eighth grader a coffee county middle school logan was nominated because she is respectful responsible prepared and shows red writer pride says coffee county middle school principal kim aaron logan's favorite subject is math logan says her mom used to be a math teacher and that is why logan likes numbers logan is in mrs rodriguez math class when she is not in school logan enjoy spending time with her dog muddy and being with her family logan has future plans of becoming a high school or middle school math teacher likely teaching algebra roslyn pardon owner.

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