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To make better money moves we'll talk about that but i really want to get into this today because i got an email actually derek which i'll get to in a little bit and my my answer to his email talks a lot about widows and women and and so forth and as i said i'll get to that but and i have discussed this before the unique retirement challenges of women very very important because women have men have obvious challenges as well but women's challenges are really unique to them obviously they live longer dudes they do contribute lasts to their tax qualified accounts like 401k's they draw down less from social security they face higher and more healthcare needs and longterm care costs so they are a unique challenge when it comes to planning there's no doubt about it and david la martina wrote about this oh it was a while ago but since this topic comes up a few times a year i thought i would quote from a lot of the studies that he quotes from for example a greenwald and associates survey for the insured retirement institute found that fifty four percent of women are very concerned about retirement only thirty four percent of men feel the same in my anecdotal survey literally all of us should be concerned about retirement unless we're bill gates warren buffett are very very very wealthy the transamerica center for studies likewise found that only twelve percent of women were very confident in their ability to retire and sixty four percent of boomer women have no plan if forced to retire early and so i must pose the question have you actually done the math and i'll pose that to men and women alike but seventy percent of women.

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