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She only more would know now. The disdain against you idiot how dare you think that a marvel movie had interstellar. That's correct yeah. That is correct and she didn't have hair so you didn't have here. She had short The whole movie. Yeah in a bob bob. A pixie cut. She had in this movie. Okay i'm say short hair. It looks like a heck. I would give her. Here's a nice star the bad haircut in that movie sometimes. That's fair. yeah like when you go on time with without getting into this to left number two has. It's a huge jump up. It's almost double. Wow three hundred. Thirty four million dollars the batman but then with number one i think batman is number one for sure but do you think that's the movie that she made the most and both princess. Diaries were already on this number. Eleven twelve weren't even be crazy. For instance diarrheas was like i irish three viewing on like the disney channel. You know what i mean like. Probably people going to theaters. But everyone's seen that movie except for more. No no i have joined joy duck in heavy movies. Watch us both be like. Oh my god. That's so obvious. She was in like a horror movie right like a big and black swan. No she wasn't. We've done that on a pod for spooky boys who month. I love squeaky voice month. Okay with batman. Because i know. It's number one but i don't have number two. That is incorrect because it is the timber in film allison wonderland. Gosh what did she played queen queen. I hated that movie soul march. A lot of can totally fell asleep. My memory. yeah it was like traumatize is the second one meet. Seventy seven million nine. I only know that because it's not before let's just before we get to number one. Let's look back thirteen brokeback mountain. House else do look less fifteen. The intern with robert deniro sixteen ride wars with davidson seventeen hoodwinked or whatever eighteen love and other drugs with jal hall nineteen ella enchanted twenty becoming jane and lupin all the way back number one with four hundred forty eight million dollars markets. What does that move that man. Unfortunately i rise you miss out on that last thing. We knew one last opportunity for point which is whether or not she has hair. Unfortunately if you read all the things i have about it was a wig. Selina kyle doesn't have now lost the game you still want want still hearts now when the hearts of the guys. I figured i'd give you a president that can fill your home you can now. You can both enjoy this okay. This is another one from one of your challenges to me so you lied or we were wrong by your shots. Would it be great if i found a drag held all their degrade. Yeah yeah. I don't know if any of those little this price is. I like that movie. My memory it's diaphragm nice. Little moment i assume a world westworld west nice cool adult collectible toy today. Ram.

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