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And now the spiel. The trump administration wants Iraq to pay us to leave. This is the stupidest thing ever except of course the last stupidest thing ever but this is stupider than most of the stupidest things because the other stupidest things are things where non stupid people know. They're stupid and and you know. Allow the president to have a little bit of a Tantrum but then put the stupid thing in a desk drawer or otherwise. Ignore it example of that stupid thing I will Obama your cultural sites to trump by the way cultural site is a casino. Or maybe the Access Hollywood bus. But then the secretary of Defense Mark Asper perhaps risking wrath of the president says. No we're not going to do that. It is so stupid perhaps adding maybe someday Mr Trump will thank me if you ever find yourself in The Hague and it take the judges a full hour to deliberate on your guilt rather than forty five minutes. Remember those extra fifteen minutes. I did that for you. This now is the real stupidest I think he also said this quote. We have a very extraordinarily expensive airbase. That's their it cost billions of dollars to build long before my time. We're not leaving unless they pay us back for it okay. It's not the adverb modifying other adverb. That is definitely frequently thing. President trump does what I mean. Is this since since the. US troops are in Iraq at the invitation of the Iraqis. Like I said and the prime minister just has to say go and we have to go if he says go then. What this means is if we don't go we will be invading Iraq in other words it essentially demand which can never and will never be met the demand essentially boils down to pay us or or else this will count as an invasion and occupation and we would have no leverage in getting any money out of this? It is the world's worst extortion. Shen racket I would say the world's worst protection racket but it's really more like a lack of protection racket now. The troops are already there so it wouldn't be an invasion invasion in the strictest sense more like I don't know existing cells turning cancerous and fighting against your own body his basically turning or would would like to turn the US armed forces into sleeper cells. Fantastic you know what. Let's rename our divisions. The fighting fourth NAT shakedown squadron. The squatting fourth we you call them. It might not register when you heard the news you might have not had it register as much as some of the other crazy stuff. Oh that's not totally wacko bananas. Maybe because I don't know things like gas lighting habituation but also because on some level maybe it has some logical appeal. I mean in general Americans don't want to be ripped off. In general Americans think we've spent much Iraq in general Americans don't want to be in a foreign country where they're not wanted but seriously this demand mand is far far stupider and more implausible than bind greenland or nuking hurricanes or stocking the wall with alligators. There's at least. The stocking and acquisition of alligators is a domestic task in an area over which has sovereignty and clearly by the way falls within Jared Kushner's SCHNURR's portfolio. The White House also leaked to the media. That is not only the ill-informed fantasy of captain crazy pants. It is an actual plan the works. How trump wants money for an airbase that advances U. S. interests that will henceforth not be used by the US S. because trump ruined things and at least one person in the employ of the executive branch takes that set of facts and says okay? Let's see how to word word that let me read from a Washington Post report where the headline is after. Trump's threat administration begins drafting possible sanctions against Iraq. Yeah that was another part of it that we're going to sanction Iraq for this but here it says he meaning trump also demanded Iraq reimbursed the United States billions of dollars for investments. Simmons made in an airbase there as a precursor for any troops. Leaving broad confusion remains over. How the United States will respond to those demands Defense Secretary Martinez? Bur said on Monday. That the United States has not decided to leave Iraq after a letter surfaced in which the US military said to Iraqi officials that the US forces would be relocating. Confusion remains how the United States will respond to Donald. Trump's demands the demand and that we get paid to leave this is essentially the might and power of the US government coalescing to pursue a harassment lawsuit now to take a further step out. I do notice. I have noticed over the years that there is this trend in press coverage of what the administration is said to be drafting sometimes. It's legit I mean. The policies aren't good but sometimes the administration really does draft something and it goes goes into effect a lot of times with the EPA. This happens because the executive branch has really firm control over the EPA most of the backsliding on the environment that the administration creation would like to go into effect has gone into effect. Thank God but with so much of the other said to be drafting type reporting. Let us in fact let us now. Review Washington Post did a story about the plan to deny green cards to people who use public assistance. Too much watch. It was called the public charge. Rule Post says quote. The rule has been a top priority of Stephen Miller. The architect of Mr Trump's immigration agenda. Mr Miller has repeatedly pushed administration officials to finish drafting the regulation known as the public charge rule. well the rule was drafted did cut to last week. Three separate federal judges blocked the public charge rule from being implemented one judge. The government did not give a adequate reason for why the change was needed. This is just like that perfect replacement for the day or the travel ban or when the Commerce Department was said to be drafting an inclusion lesion of citizenship question on the twenty two thousand census here is the ultimate upshot of how that went president trump retreating from his push to add a citizenship question. Two the two thousand census after a week of insisting his administration would continue to fight the issue. Many of these said should be drafting. draftkings never reach a final form but very often they do and very often when they do they do not stand up to legal scrutiny. I suppose you could say that the administration was said to be drafting acting a raft of tariffs against China and then they did draft them and then they did impose them but even so I think it falls into this category because they didn't work. It's it's a cycle of crazy claim. Oh he can't be serious yes he serious. In fact he's drafting and draft is now proposal but at some point point along the line and sometimes not until the end it all crumbles into nothingness. It's almost as if so many of these terrible ideas were either destined to fail or or never meant to actually work. My analysis is that the trump administration is just as happy to get people mad as it is to get stuff done in fact maybe the president prefers the former over the latter. Getting stuff done requires care and follow through but lobbing an driven proposal just feels really good in the moment maybe like lobbing a missile at an adversary. The trump administration never learns. Doesn't care that there's a difference between making a proclamation and making policy. It's the difference between loudly getting attention and properly giving it and that's it for today's show was produced in part by Christopher Johnson who edited the stranglehold interview or as the trump administration spells it spangled bread. Daniel schrader doesn't produce the gist. Wait sorry that was the Arab translation he does does produce the astronaut. I guess he does. Maybe his plans at this point not to produce the gist of he stops. He definitely wants money for leaving. It's hard sing the gist. When when I retire I will be billing you for all the hours you listened but failed to use the appropriate? Promo codes improved that Peru Peru. And thanks for listening.

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