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The last part of a missionary group from oakland county finally making it track back home from haiti the group of forty four were stuck in haiti for several days amid protests over inflation in the island nation and a good group leaders don lee and his wife of oakland township lease says what happened won't stop him from going back i'm going back i mean i've been there six times to go back to that go back today i just need to go to work what did you learn from the trip to break you know and not always believe everything you you saw my big thing is what i've learned is proximity bilge empathy and once i got to do with the haitian people i really advertise for them i also have tied for the protesters to 'cause that's their voice half of the forty four came back to michigan yesterday while the rest are expected back home sometime tonight ferndale police officers being investigated or using a taser on a suspect sending him to the hospital more from newsradio nine fifties john hewitt the forty four year old sterling heights man is said to be hospitalized with non life threatening injuries having fallen roughly fifteen feet according to police after having been taste by an officer the chain of events began late tuesday morning after the man reportedly entered a home along spencer street here in ferndale the female resident there had previously taken out a personal protection order against him she called police when officers arrived they say they saw the man running westbound across woodward and then southbound toward eight mile after a brief foot chase police caught up with him and tased him as he climbed over the guardrail along the eight mile service drive causing him to fall onto the concrete below ferndale police say they have turned over body camera footage to the oakland county sheriff's department which is now heading up the investigation into this incident in ferndale john hewitt w w j.

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