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Can you have a seventhinning guy guy ninthinning guy that might be you know different than the way that we're going to operate moving forward and we have a deep in offense you need a couple of things to have this type of philosophy or strategy going into the game and i have five or six or seven guys that have different strengths they've matchup differently with the conan they have resilient arms and in they're buying into a shared expectation of getting the last you know nine to twelve hours now factor in the fact that our starters are going six and seven sometimes eight innings there aren't that many out there to get the less out there to get the more i want to match up guys specifically with certain hitters so we get to the finish line with the wind so if it's influenced me a little bit the personnel is influenced me a little bit but in reality if i if i take a step back and i've told her open i'm just trying to put guys in a position to get the get all the outs and the guys are buying in ha thanks for doing this great to talk with you you got it we'll be back in a moment with chrysanthemum any head of baseball operations for the indians but i can healthy be delicious with sun basket the answer is yes forget protein shaking flavourless diet food start cooking fresh healthy meals with delicious organic produce was sun basket sun basket makes it easy and convenient to cook healthy delicious meals at home no matter how much experience you have in the kitchen now you get more options than ever just go to the sun basket app and pick from eighteen weekly recipes easily cooked issues like steaks with timmy churry and heuristic roasted sweet potatoes there are paleo glutenfree lean and clean vegan bedded iranian family options and more some baskets works with the best forms and suppliers to bring you fresh organic produce and responsibly raised meats and seafood and the best part son.

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