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Catcher Wilson Ramos on a two year nineteen million dollar deal when he selfie romo's. Could put up numbers a two time all star the thirty one year old last year. Played one hundred eleven games combined for the race and Phillies hit three oh, six with fifteen homers and seventy RBI sees had stints on the disabled list, though, each of the last four seasons. The titans ran roughshod over the giants. Derrick Henry carried thirty three times for one hundred seventy yards of two scores. Tennessee winning seventeen to nothing there. Mark to eight and six the giants shut out at home for the first time in five years. He li- manning to turnovers and the giants are officially eliminated from the postseason hot. Coach Pat Shurmur says they'll continue to take care of business in their final two games come to work tomorrow and get ready to play Indianapolis who just had a nice victory against Dallas. So that's what I expect. And. Just like we've been trying to do the whole season. We'll try to keep the noise out and play football giants. Dow five and nine saquon Barkley just thirty one yards on the ground. The second lowest total of his rookie campaign. The rest of the scores all things tightening up in the NFC east. The Cowboys were shut out by the colts twenty three to nothing. Their five game winning streak came to a screeching. Halt Redskins beat the Jaguars sixteen to thirteen Washington up to seven and seven and the eagles are up to seven and seven in the Senate. I came they handed the Rams their second straight loss thirty to twenty three. Elsewhere the patriots lost to the Steelers seventeen to ten. The vikings. Hammered the dolphins forty-one seventeen ravens beat the bucks by eight the Seahawks lost in overtime to the forty Niners as they drop a Seattle dropping to eight and six the bears clinched the NFC north with a seven point victory over the Packers bills by one over the lions the falcons erase the cardinals forty two fourteen and it was the Bengals by a couple of touchdowns over the raiders..

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