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Good afternoon everyone it's two oh six it's Curtis in Juliet our three and a little bit later in the show China's cracking down on those wild life what markets finally he was that where the corona virus was hatched or was it E. treatise somewhere in one province well it faces they killed the whistle blower doctor who alerted the world and then there's also go ahead sorry the corona virus who was spreading yeah and then there's also the guy the citizen journalist who is mysteriously gone now nobody can find him and you can go to the Kurdish and yet said Julie at Facebook page and you can see pictures from the Chinese lunar new year day parade yesterday in Manhattan the original Chinatown here they cancel the activities in Paris they canceled it in your home town of Miami but they do not fold here in China China strong and you can see last week if you have been to China town almost everyone was wearing masks this time the Asians few of them were wearing masks in defiance and also not wanting to be photo by others as carrying the virus less people watching the parade you could actually move behind the barricades something he is in years past I've never been able to do and you said the demographic was mostly Asian it was still mostly Asian but large numbers of tourists and hips as a millennials because it is quite a sight to see and the bad thing was the restaurants which are normally pack you know for the Chinese lunar new year parade half empty I must have gone into about a dozen of them along not street on the side streets half empty and you did take your sons to a Chinese restaurant yeah well you okay anti my oldest son to the actual raid yeah I was the first time you'd ever been there in Manhattan and then I took Carter and hunter my two youngest son still from my visitation related to chose send garden kosher Chinese restaurant to show solidarity with the Chinese people in their timing as did I and my husband and gamers with our local Chinese community we order Chinese food and it was delivered to our kitchen island where we sang show tunes among other things and I'm sure there were quite a few people would awarded in Chinese like himself when they were watching the debate on Friday night New Hampshire and then make him that grace according to the polls especially between Bernie the out the caucus and this and the new Jack mayor Pete heat coming on strong and Stephanopoulos the moderator asked the question I thought it'd be more Democrats who would be concerned about a democratic socialist and as a potential nominee of the party is anyone else on the stage concerned about having a democratic socialist the top democratic ticket I'm not only one person raised her hand call which is love Biden would have raised his hand I mean either trying to play nice with each of the only person that they don't seem to be playing nice with his people to judge because he seems to be in the top rung right but think of it forget the fact whether you like Bernie Sanders my wife four doors Marty Sanders what you think about the judge as she does she doesn't dislike him but you would prefer Yang Yang is her second choice the end game right but she loves learning you know especially about forgiveness to the student loans and she was with Bernie in his first run against Hillary you even went to Philadelphia the convention there but Cole chose you only want to raise your hand and I said right in every time you give an interview you're saying look it's not about me and my nomination but if you happen to be running on the democratic ticket and you're in other states and the leader of the ticket is a Democrat socialists it doesn't spell well for your candidacy show you would want somebody like myself was not associate it as a Democrat so to you wouldn't say that on the stage right so I think ultimately I think when you look at the democratic field that's kind of been narrow down now and you the people that people are taking seriously on Sanders comes off as the yeah the socialist awhile guys sort of a radic guy that is not necessarily appealing to the folks like me who were Republicans were now independence and who are not going to vote Republican for sure Warren and smart woman but to me it's the people who judge I mean he's the one who is appealing to I think the folks like me and I think the moderate Democrats well you know Stephanopoulos his initial question outside of the box right out of the box to Bernie the out the caucus and this is why did you and your wife a cation mon in Moscow is it a question he basically gave a completely different it had kind of moved around yeah I mean right but the fact is how many years ago all he had to say was you know that was a time in my life I knew where I was he knows that that that's that's a land mine hi it's my begins yeah but guess what I mean isn't he the guy that tells it like it is isn't that what we want to hear we want somebody is just going to be honest about who they were they are only want to challenge him on that was closure Bernie and I worked together all the time but I think we are not going to be able to I would divide the divider in chief and I think we need someone to head up this ticket that actually brings people with her instead of shutting them out and when I look at a state like New Hampshire that had a very very close election last time in twenty sixteen I see a state that yes has a high voter turnout of fired up Democrats just like my state which by the way Bernie when I let the ticket at the highest voter turnout of any state in the country but I had to that being able to bring in independence like you have in this state as well as moderate Republicans because there are so many of them out there that are looking for a candidate and truthfully Donald trumps worst nightmare is a candidate that will bring people in from the middle the people that are tired of the noise and the nonsense and they are tired of the tweets and the mean stuff and they are looking for someone else and I would submit that that is me and I would submit that that is not you I think that's put Tipu to judge I said I do think he's a very smart woman and she did a great job at that I'm doing a lot she mentioned something that nobody wants to talk about the president will be there tonight a rally in New Hampshire of trump supporters his election is guaranteed in New Hampshire but New Hampshire has unique voting rules in the set you can cross over so trappers may be saying that everyone vote Bernie beat Boucher Boucher's more of a threat to us across the country especially in the heartland then Bernie would be so I anticipate and I think that's right I don't have obviously any documentary evidence of phone calls are going out of mammals are going out of Texas but that trump purrs who know the trump will easily win the nomination in New Hampshire I think only William weld is running against him challenging him we used to be the governor of Massachusetts Republican I have a feeling this will be a major turn out of Republicans not because they want Bernie as yet that either but its strategy that's interesting that I mean that is definitely a possibility I mean I just I mean I can't believe now we're talking about the fact that basically Biden is trailing ms got ten percent and I have to say I mean I think Bloomberg is really coming on strong in the last several days he's had some really great he's very very effective social media answer fantastic ads I mean whoever is doing his ads these people are gonna be winning award after war because his ads are just brilliantly he's paying premium dollar well good I'm your guy may or P. mazing loves to tangle with Colbert showing code which are less tango in may of Pete Pete says on the outside a Kobe jars says I am the ultimate insider and here he was mayor Pete going at all the insiders we cannot solve the problems before us by looking back we have to be ready to turn the page and change our politics before it's too late and I'm seeing everywhere I go not just fellow Democrats but a striking number of independence and what I like to call future former Republican sets me to join in that historic American majority to turn the page yeah I mean he's I bet he is because when he comes around this these parts I'll be there to say thank you and good luck but as soon as she said that which is a fighting words the clover charm Elizabeth Warren in those to a party the establishment because clover jar sting back I am listening to this about meeting the moment and my first thought is I'm a fresh face up here for a presidential debate and I figure Peter that fifty nine my age is the new thirty eight the second thing is this and that is fifty okay there you go meeting the moment meeting the moment we had a moment the last few weeks mayor and that moment with these impeachment hearings and there was a lot of courage that you saw from only a few people there was courage from Doug Jones our friend of Alabama who took.

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