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Sentence of life in prison He'll be sentenced in August It's 7 18 Let's get you right back over to Rita Kessler in the traffic center Right now Ian Maryland on the beltway the outer loop delay on the top side from New Hampshire avenue around toward Georgia but your lanes are open We're dealing with a pretty bad crash on southbound 29 and Ellicott City at route 100 the right side is blocked with the crash involving the overturned truck and the debris spill your staying left to get by there but also activity on that ramp to eastbound 100 It's kind of at the point where they split off The ramp to 100 goes to the left the main lanes go through to the right So you're staying right on that ramp to get by as well Northbound 27 ridge road near three 55 you're under police direction for the crash Randolph road near denly and lindell was under police direction as well for a wreck In Hagerstown west found only 70 before 65 sharpsburg pike the right side was getting by the wreck If you're on the Baltimore Washington Parkway starting to see a delay northbound from two O two passing four 50 that may be a crash southbound D.C. two 95 slows from burrows past the east capital street inner loop seeing a delay before two ten headed on to the Woodrow Wilson bridge with nothing reported in the roadway Now in Virginia westbound 66 delays after the beltway headed past nutly street two left lanes blocked with that crash involving an overturned vehicle northbound 28 at the Prince William Parkway still under police direction for that crash involving a truck on its side which also takes the off ramp from southbound two 34 to northbound 28 Come see what's blooming at Meadows farms nursery now through Wednesday let Meadows farms plan a little happiness with their blooming sale VIPs get up to 10% off select in stock flowers I'm Rita Kessler WTO B traffic.

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