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Holy Grail, Banks Budweiser and you, D F I'm Jim Day and my pleasure to welcome in You know him from The Cincinnati Enquirer Cincinnati dot com. Long time beat writer of the Reds, who recently announced his retirement No, John Fei, you can't retire. We brought you right back in here to the hot stove league. How you doing, my friend. I'm good. I'm good. A little. I told you before we came on the air that when something happens with the Reds, I'm ready to react to it. And I don't really have to talk to my wife about it, I suppose. And I put a couple things on Twitter. But it xylitol different, But I'm happy with what I did. Well, you still have Ah, large following on Twitter and still have your hands on the pulse of the Cincinnati Reds and baseball. Not gonna ask you about retirement. Does your what? Your weekend to it? Yeah. Four days. Great. Um, it's such an unusual time in the world, obviously, and in baseball not immune to that. We've talked about off season. This is going to be the most unprecedented off season we've seen And we say that we seem to say that every off season but this one in particular, this is real. This is a whole different dynamic. Um, are you surprised of what you're seeing? I mean, no one's doing much and it cove. It has really affected baseball, maybe more than other entities. Yeah, I think in an ordinary off season right now, the Reds would have their season ticket number pretty well dialed in so they can set their budget by that right now. They don't know. They're gonna have fans, but how many they don't know. I think a lot depends on what goes on with covert it and They've obviously made some moves to move some money around. To not offer contract to Archie Bradley and And Curt Casali that those were financial moves. So was the trade of ratio. Iglesias. Although we're talking about that a little bit. He only had one more year left. Hey, was gonna make $9 million. I think It was. They may have traded him anyway, in a normal offseason if they could get much for him, So I I e think that's a sign that there but is Nick Kroll told the writers yesterday that they're trying to move some money around so they they could make some moves. They do. They do have a big hole at shortstop s o. They have some money to spend there. I don't think by any means. Done and I don't think it's a total salary dump. I just think they're trying to get it in order so they can Fielder, there needs more so than than just bring back the same guy. Iglesias move Didn't surprise me at all. Archie Bradley. Maybe a little bit. But if they are trying to work around some funds to reallocate, um, to address him needs elsewhere of them, You know, I understand it. The rumors out there about and new cross addressed this and I give him credit for, you know, mostly you get the general manager Speak of, you know we're not shopping around Sonny Gray, which they may not might not be. Um, but he said, Listen, we talked about everyone just because we take a call on a guy. Yes, we've talked about him. That doesn't mean we're going to do anything. Um, but I was a little surprised that his name was thrown out there as a possible trade target. But I think that crawl address it very, very well. Yeah, I think with anybody, you throw the name out there that the reason that surprised me is he is a very team favorable contract. You're not gonna be able to get a picture of his caliber. To step in for the money. He's making any makes, like $10 million a year, But again, you have to listen, because if you get a controllable guy who's not even reach, he's gonna make the major league minimum, which is about 550,000 or something like that for a couple years. Yeah, you want him if if he can plug in, but they're e think it would just have to be like the perfect Storm T o Trading because if you take him and Trevor Bauer both out of the rotation, you're you're losing on an ordinary season. You're losing 400 ending. So you have to find that somewhere. Um And it's really tough to find that kind of guy that Can take Sonny Gray's innings and make less money than Sonny Gray. So I think e again. I think Jim Bone was the classic example that that he would throw everyone out there and and see if anything happened. And it usually, doesn't it. I think teams listen to offers on all kinds of guys, and it's It's always There's been internal discussions about some player. Well, does that mean two guys in the Reds front office? We're walking down the hall talking about Mike trout. I think so. I think sometimes there's that much to it. I think there's a little more to this because because we've seen the situation where they've moved money that They think they are listening with all their veteran guys because It's really hard to get the budget in control and then be able to add unless you move some substantial money and other things that crawl talked about general manager of the Reds is in which I've talked about for several years when you're a small market team. You have to be creative, and I love when that sentence came out of his mouth, and that means making hard decisions. That also means trading guys at the right time. On Lee, though, if you're developing players, and you could move younger players in and have a mix of veterans now, maybe that's where the Reds have fallen. A little short will talk about being a small market team and the constraints Sometimes that puts on you. We'll talk about all right, Who's gonna be the closer now? And we're going to take your calls 513..

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