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To feeding your baby, intact nuts and thick globs of nut butters can be a choking hazard, and they should not be fed to babies especially early on in baby led weaning, but hang tight because there are some safe ways to feed your baby food forms of tree nuts and explain to you how to do that in this episode and I'm. I'm also going to talk about why almond milk is not an ideal way to introduce your baby to peanut protein, so let's go ahead and get started talking all about tree nuts and how to introduce your baby to this potentially allergenic food. Now I mentioned nuts or of the big eight allergenic foods, but it's not the most prevalent of the food allergies by any stretch of the imagination. There's an rough estimate that somewhere between a half of a percent and one percent of the population has a tree. Tree nut allergy, and it's one of the ones that tends to be a lifelong allergy, so some references say nine percent others they ten percent of kids with Trina allergy will eventually outgrow it, but that leaves ninety or ninety one percent of the children for whom it's going to be a lifelong allergy, and if you're allergic to one type of tree nut, it means you're at higher risk of being allergic to the others, but you won't necessarily be allergic to them, so for example some of the tree. Tree nut allergies are closely related to have a cashew allergy. You tend also have a Paseo allergy to cashews and pistachios are linked, and also pecans and walnuts are linked, so you have con-, allergy, you're more likely to have a walnut allergy and vice versa I don't know if you guys remember the Mom Meg Mason from episode thirty four. That was episode where we talked about using dairy ladder for milk introduction. WILL THAT MOM MEG? Her daughter Camilla has a number of different food allergies and she's. She's allergic to some tree nuts, but not all so meg was telling me that Camilla does have an allergy to cashews and pistachios, because those two are linked, but she does not have an allergy. To all minutes the MOM will spread a thin layer of almond butter on pancakes toes, or shall mix it into real. We'll talk about why that safer..

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