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Here's a fun fact. That's not so fun. Americans overspend on car and home insurance by billions every year. But good news. That's where our sponsor the zebra can help you. that's correct. We are now sponsored by zebra. Actually not just as zebra the zebra in fact the nation's leading insurance comparison site for car and home insurance after a few questions this zebra these zebra specifically harass people with the right insurance company for them. Helping everyone save time and money. You can then buy online or over the phone with one of their licensed insurance agents. Make this your smartest purchase yet. Visit the zebra dot com slash hustle. How do you spell that you spell. It t. h. e. z. Ra dot com slash h. u. s. t. e. Hey what's up my friends. Thank you so much for tuning in today. My name is chris. Gallo your host of side-hustle school bringing you different stories. Questions and answers tips. Interesting case studies all kinds of fun stuff over the past sixteen hundred and thirty five days. Today is sixteen hundred and thirty six all focused around this question of making extra money without quitting your job. How can you start an income generating project using the skills you already have or perhaps pursuing an interesting idea which is kind of what we're looking at here. Today are throwback thursday segment where we take a look at someone who story has evolved since we first feature them perhaps transition or change in some major way. Recently we have featured a tea blend that uses adult language the designer who makes clothing for dachshunds and they're humans. Let's see what else neuro gum like. Energy energy gum. Like an energy drink but in the form of gum and a uk blogger. Who lives in a van. Last week we heard from maker in chicago who sells faith-based jewelry especially rose rebates so quite eclectic range of stories per usual something that we try to do here on satis school. Tell you things that you're not gonna hear about somewhere else. Okay so today at our latest feature. We're going to hear from the co founder of a company. That's actually a company now. Of course it started as a side hustle. Just three guys but they set out to make a device called these step in poll okay. This is a device that allows public restroom users to open the door with their foot. So here's a crazy thing. Just what happened to their business at the start of the global pandemic while their business actually increased a tremendous tremendous amount. It's actually seventy x like their business increased seventy times and it was doing pretty well before like i had actually seen these devices in different places. I was traveling and i was like. Oh yeah that's the story on them and then of course more than a year ago this pandemic strikes all of a sudden. Everybody's like you know what it's not a great idea to actually opened the public restroom door with your hand right that you've you've just washed your hands and like what's the point there right so the stemple what happened since the past year in particular. Let's hear directly from mike one of the co founders and i'll come back.

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