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And we return to the story of Emily Dickinson here on our American stories and faith is bringing it to us and she had a good conversation with Brooks sign Hauser the program director at the Emily Dickinson museum in Amherst Massachusetts we learned in the last segment and Emily Dickinson and only publish ten poems in our lifetime we returned to Brooke talking about Dickinson's love of poetry and her battle with the idea of publication she was very serious about poetry issue she wrote in one poem I reckon when I counted all first poets then the sun then summer then the heaven of god and then the list is done so you know poetry really came first for her and while she you know she also writes things to her sister in law like if I could make you an Austin proud someday a long way off to it give me a taller feet which is a very nice thought but then she also writes things like publication was as foreign to me as for moments to fit in or you know publication is the auction of the mind of man so it's clear that she's grappling with this all her life and I do think it's a really interesting thought exercise to imagine a family chickens and had tried to publish in her lifetime her poetry and you know her at her correspondence with Thomas Wentworth Higginson kind of illustrates this that her poetry did not quite look like poetry of her time for contemporary moment she's doing something a bit different and that really has to do with Emily Dickinson's incredible vocabulary her lexicon was her best friend she was mining that source to be able to pull together really spend seis succinct poems that are able to somehow make tangible is very ease our shared human.

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