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And changing things with a patient's medication regimen. So without further ado, avoiding use of river ox ban is recommended in patients on dual p glycoprotein inhibitors and CYP three or four and. Hitters so a few examples here, and these drugs aren't used crazy often, but just wanted to provide you a few examples Kitakata Zoll Ichikawa's own retirement of your are few examples of those agents, and that is recommended to absolately avoid using those agents with river oxypan three four inducers is an another class there. Carbamazepine I do see that drug use occasionally, whether it's you know, tried jemele Raja occasionally for seizures. Maybe a rare case bipolar disorder. We've got to look out for that. Because these inducers will actually lower concentrations of the river rock man, and potentially lead you down the path of a treatment failure, increasing the risk of stroke by not having adequate concentrations there so cover maze of him. Reform plan antibiotic. That's that's used Caisley not terribly often. Saint John's worts something I have seen patients try four depressions over the counter supplement, so definitely strongly educate your patients about that one of their ever considering taking over the counters couple of other things to think about that. I definitely think about is Ruth revising classroom. Aisin these are through CYP three four inhibitors. They have been shown to potentially increase concentrations of river oxygen. So again may lead to situation where we're at higher risk of bleed and said, they can you don't inhibit those platelets. They can cause issues there potentially aiding the effect of a GI bleed. So definitely we need to look out for that. I strongly encourage patients, you know, to avoid these medications over the counter anti platelet Medicare. Nations. So we got clip integral and aspirin. There has been some some updates on guidelines in patients who have recently at a heart attack and a stent, and they also have each fibrillation. So you might wanna go take a peek at that. If you're a prescriber, and or clinical pharmacists that may need to be be aware of that. I'm not going to go through that today. So definitely those drugs that can increase the risk of lead. We we've got to keep tabs on those anti platelets in end sends are commonly commonly used and when you to pay attention to that one other one I I did want to mention estrogen therapy so patients with hot flashes menopausal type symptoms that may be on estrogen therapy. Remember, they can increase the risk of blood clots, and may kind of oppose the effects of some of these newer Orel anticoagulant like river ox ban. So I think that's going to wrap it up for today. Thanks so much for listening. If you love the podcast, get some some Pearl some clinical info out of it. I'm greatly appreciated if you'd leave a review rating on I tunes, or wherever you're listening that certainly appreciated you have the opportunity go support the podcast at one one dot com slash store. You can see all those resources there. See if anything fits with what what you're wanting to look at and learn there so without going to sign off. Thanks so much for listening all the kind words greatly appreciated in emails. Appreciate it as well. We do have that free giveaway as well. Real life, pharmacology dot com. Top two hundred study guide thirty one page PDF for highlight really important things with each drug in that study guide great resource for students young professionals that may be taking board exams at anytime in the near future, or pharmacology classes, of course, signing off. Thanks again, air christianson pharmacists, track me, down at linked in as well have a great rest of your day.

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