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That was pretty good. Yeah but they're always a little bit hamming a little bit corny. You've got to Hollywood powerhouses at the top of their game. Selma how out of this dialogue. The voice work is just lush and gorgeous. Mcallister's are so bright and stories creates it's vodka. It's called up few can see minor as I said earlier. It's written by the same woman. Lucille Fletcher. I believe her name was who wrote. Sorry wrong. Number another great radio play starring Hollywood Lesbian Agnes moorehead otherwise notice. Endure for bewitched. But we already did that. One go so yeah. It's all set at the turn of the century. One thousand nine hundred late Victorian period. And it's got everything. It's got a little bit a ghost story. It's got a little bit of murder mystery as got a little bit of revenge. It's creepy kids at Scott. This bombast organ music the to shake the rafters. You'RE GONNA love it so patch one you stop talking about it. And why don't we all just settle down turn up a radio dials? Turn down the lights and get ready for suspense The prisoner California welcomes you again. This week they our suspect tonight. From Hollywood Roma winds bring you was stars misidentified currently being seen in one of others in our time. And Mr Vincent Price. Plenty of sanctuary box soon to be seen in the Daryl ZANUCK production with the appearance of two distinct we screen analyses Lucille. Becher has written the suspense play. That deals with brooding anxiety. Shopping suspicion played against the severe forbidding background of late Victorian Year and so you in C minor and with the performances of IDA Lupino and Vincent Price we again hope to keep you April first nineteen hundred the abyss justice. Let you know that I arrived in pilots. Ill lizzy met me at the station. She's heartbroken a Bacha Pause Bankruptcy for some reason field that adopted me remedy the family situation. I told her I'd been offered a job which he swept away. That idea in horror a girl with your looks. Amanda peabody doesn't have to get a job there too many rich husbands building around for that. Furthermore she says she has a rich husband already picked up from the right here in pilots. Still don't you remember? I told you about him at Christmas time. He's Evans richest creases charming coach. A lonely widower with two little children and besides that he's just jaw type a real intellectual. You should hear him. Play the pipe organ and you know Becky. I've met so few interesting men lately and all you'd have to do is live on digital thing. Good Evening Mrs Germany delightful to see you hear distant to Mike System divided. I'm sure it's a lovely party mister. Just come to pilots Ville. She's from New York visiting me after the rule of the Hick season. I'm afraid I'll pilots dote humidity body. Oh no not at all charming. I've enjoyed everything so much. You'll beautiful house music. I hear your going to pay for care. Careful Organ Music Miss peabody much. Never miss a Cheshire sample. What a luxury. It must be to have your own organ right here in the House. I'm afraid I couldn't do without it. It's my hobby. You Know Bach and books to Asia. Frank don't you adore that work Emended bidding music. You should hear the end of the burning of room. Yes and the delightful thing.

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