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KOA. It's Rick and David Kathy here with you. We had that interview yesterday with the reisner a really good interview. Got a lot of good comments on that yesterday. Have drew lock on the tomorrow. Yeah. The other Broncos second round draft pick and this guy Brett rip. And this is an interesting story. Dave Nikki Giovanni reported yesterday in the F. He got a six figure guaranteeing as an undrafted free agent and will be probably the number three quarter. Maybe number four quarterback. Maybe it'll be a practice squad guy. That's a lot of money for an undrafted free agent. What do you think's going on there? It's it's very atypical. And that only happens when there's a free agent that. Like more than one team really really likes. So what that tells me is there were at least two teams in maybe more that absolutely wanted Brett ribbon. And so what happened? It just basically is like a bidding process. I mean, the agent will say, you know, we've got we've got sixty two. This team. I will give you seventy. Well, we've got we've got seventy five to go here. And then all of a sudden you get up over one hundred thousand dollars, but it is highly atypical normally speaking free agents guys that are not drafted if there's not if team wants him, and they reach out that signing bonus is anywhere from. Like twelve five to like twenty. I think Chris has his was thirteen. So there you go Lindsey got fifteen last year ago. That's good perspective right there and there were in. There was one of the team. The ravens were interested in Philip linzie. But even then he got thirteen. So what it says is the Broncos like something very much about Brett ribbon. And maybe conc- him down the road being an important piece to them whether as a player here, or as trade capital in some respect. But that's that sorta number rarely happens with free agents. Yeah. That was my question to you mean, I'd heard a Brett Rippin chur quarterback and had a really good college career. But the guy didn't get drafted. And and we never heard the Broncos talk about him all the pre draft hype. His name never came up, and they somebody there really likes this kid. Yeah. To give them that kind of money guarantee. He'd. So he's the the nephew of Mark Rippin, buddy. Remember Sam Redskins quarterback? They say he's an accurate passer. Solid pocket presence. He's hampered by small hands dragging. You know, what that's like two small hand quarterbacks. Terrible dragon hands nine again. Dragon stuff. No. Nine. I I. Eight you're bigger than beacon. This this kid. This scenario reminds me of who Tony Romo, really, okay? Well, no, I don't I don't know. Got a large wallet? I can tell you that much. Tony Romo was an undrafted free agent. And had a couple of teams that really liked him. One of which was the Broncos in my Shannon was the coach now Romo played at eastern, Illinois. And that's where Shanahan went to college. So maybe there's part of that. But there was a little bit of a bidding war in Bromo finally decided to go to Dallas undrafted, free eastern, Illinois, eastern, Illinois. That's where Mike Shanahan went this. What I just said. Oh, did you say that? Busy. Over there. Busy looking at this. This guy's scouting report. Not only hampered by small hands his below average arm strength, by the way, Tony romo's hands. Eight and seven eight that's not huge. Really small hands Romo did. Wow. Michael vick's were only eight and a half inches. We're talking hand size. Jared Goff nine inches, Colin Kaepernick nine and one eight teddy Bridgewater nine and a quarter. Okay. But the kid did that we're talking about ripping again now completed sixty four percent of his passes in college ninety touchdowns twenty nine picks in four seasons. So he put up good numbers. But based on his this the scouting report on him. You could see maybe why didn't get drafted sure. Because the NFL still deals with prototypical measurements for whatever. The position is right quarterbacks to to be six four six five two thirty and strong arm big hands. But they what they don't do. A great job is is evaluated guy to see if he can just play put the tape on and see if he can play. I wonder who who over there is the guy that really likes them. John Elway Russell. I mean, I know I I'm quite certain Elway likes him. And I would think Matt Russell probably to that way. The the new offensive coordinator skin gorillas gorilla. Maybe maybe when you spend that kind of money somebody else really wanted to. Yeah. And that thing just went up quickly. And they finally got to the point probably said, hey, here's our final offer. Then all of a sudden, it's it's a six figure deal, you wonder where Kevin HOGAN fits into this. Because now they have actually five quarterbacks HOGAN. Grayson, what do you think drew lock would be the backup or no? I think it depends. You would like him to be for sure if you're the organization, but it depends on sort of how he plays in the preseason. I would I would think that will be the case. Yes. So block is the backup. And then HOGAN, I guess, well, you've got HOGAN Grayson in Rippin, probably this one guy that has guaranteed money out of those three Rippin. Yeah. So ripping number three or if you can you probably consider him out of the practice squad either. You that many teams have liked him. Yeah. Very true. So you carry three that'll be interesting to see how they do that. That was the problem with Kyle slaughter couple years ago that they they thought that they could maybe get him on the practice squad. Vikings. I don't think the for some reason, I don't think the organization ever really, I think they liked cow slaughter. But I don't think they loved him. They were happy to date, but they had no intention of putting a ring on it with the Vikings. I've heard that they be number two this year. Yeah. Yeah. He's with the Miami Miami or the Bengals Trevor's somewhere else. I think Miami in in their thick slaughter could be their number two. Your what would happen in the past is Brett ripen would mysteriously have a hip injury. That was stained somehow between games three and four the preseason. And then he would wind up on the injured reserve list for the year, but they has cracked down on. So they they make you substantiate those injuries with that. That's how it would have gone twenty years ago. All right. So we'll get a break here for some news dragon. If you could take those small hands and try to push one of the big buttons. Oh, we'll get a break here. KOA? Newsradio at bluecross blueshield, our companies take what we learned from covering one in three Americans.

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