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Physically demanding focusing more on exercises that would better prepare a soldier for grueling combat and it's ditching the current grading system that differs based on age and gender retired. Army major Mike lions explains the tested, always been scaled by gender in particular. It had to do with the recognition that females didn't have the same upper body strength. So you could do push ups for max score in this new scenario? The score is designed to just really put you in a different level and figure out where you fit on a range by Tober twenty twenty. It will be the official exam all soldiers will have to pass Sheri, small WBZ. Boston's newsradio. One time boyfriend of an accused. Russian spy has been indicted. ABC's Dave Packer with more longtime Republican operative. Paul Erickson who was romantically linked to accused Russian agent Maria Boutin has been. United on eleven counts of wire fraud and money laundering. The indictment from a federal grand jury in South Dakota alleging that Eriksson devised a scheme that for decades defrauded investors for his personal enrichment. The fifty six year old was released on bond, an attorney for Ericsson calls, the charges wholly unfounded, and unrelated to charges against patina who's accused of developing a covert influence operation in the US Ericsson faces twenty years in prison if he is convicted Dave Packer ABC news scare at the New Hampshire offices of Senator Jeanne Shaheen after a suspicious package shows up the Manchester office evacuated the state police bomb squad called into action after employees saw language on the letter that was taken as a threat to ficials found. Nothing inside the envelope. Or on the packaging, though, they do say threatening packages have been showing up at congressional offices around the United States in the last several days. A state lawmaker says Massachusetts should get even tougher when it comes to putting potential rideshare. Drivers through the ringer. Boston state rep Michael Moran says wannabe driver should undergo more comprehensive background checks before being approved for companies like lift and Uber we need to take this another step as New York has done and require drivers. Tnc company that comes in. She'll be required to have background checks for the drivers law already on the books in Massachusetts makes background checks here. Some of the toughest in the nation last year checks revealed thousands of potential drivers were rejected because of a criminal past just fifty days to go. British Prime Minister Theresa may giving it a go in Brussels today hoping to jump start talks on Brexit plan with the European Union. But the EU says it has no intention of reopening negotiations on the upcoming divorce. Officials say the European Union has already made enough concessions to get a deal and will not be moving further. Still may and European Commissioner JEAN CLAUDE Juncker are due to meet before the end of the month. It's eight oh eight let's take a look at Wall Street ahead of the opening bell with Bloomberg's Andrew O'day. Good morning..

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