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Of the National League central place the cubs in cards get together in Saint Louis and the brewers are in Oakland to face the ace there's no question but the first three months of the season the Reds offense did not live up to the expectations but since the all star break things have turned around the Reds have the highest batting average in the National League and are in the top five in both home runs and runs scored Tommy throw had a chance to talk with assistant hitting coach Donnie after about the Reds approach to hitting in this twenty nineteen season Donnie talk about kind of your role on this team you're you're the assistant hitting coach but but it's a little more than just that and what's in the title so take us through kind of what what your day to day role as with the organization sure it's really starts with I think looking at things from a thirty thousand square foot do you so usually dive in and layers deep so that we can bring something up to the surface really simple so whether it's through data analytics swing metrics actual analysis of the swing I'm really I feel like the way I look at it as I'm operating in the deep end so that I can bring something up to the surface at a very simplistic way that we can apply it to hopefully help performance increase I've talked to a few guys and they come back to you is finding something relatively small in a swing that that's been able to make a big difference I mean what are you looking for when you're looking at kind of breaking down a swing because it it it's a little untraditional I guess and someone yeah were were way behind the eight ball in terms of the amount of time if you take just turn I for instance we've only known these guys since February and let's say you know a player is twenty years old he has a twenty eight year head start on us in terms of how he's been moving his body and how he thanks so before anything it's a relational a driven it's trust striven and then it's really about taking the things that Turner senior when I'm seen and seeing if we can look at one percent you know an opportunity one percent more efficient with movement so sometimes it's a simple set up adjustment sometimes it's a barrel angle sometimes it's a thought sometimes it's somethin directional so without knowing how they think and how they feel we can't really apply months so we we really target that area first and then we look at those one percent opportunities of efficiency that can help guys talk about working with Turner worn it Turner ward and what what that dynamics like the between the two of you oh my gosh it's amazing I'm sure that I will look back and be so grateful that my first job in the big leagues was.

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