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Mercedes Benz the following is a presentation football games lot of wins and Kerr played no I can there be people close to it given Tonia brown maybe I'm wrong and Jon Gruden understands the game intimately in a modern way and certainly there is some precedent for guys being in a television booth and when they step back into a leadership role haven't Hana success Steve Kerr is one of many examples it can happen but the raiders are going to be successful their cars not gonna be successful if Antonio brown is not out there and just what a bizarre way to hurt yourself it actually is a nightmare for me however the story or two ago and I think was in Vegas the woman who went to one of these cryo technology chambers and then it just closed and she died she was frozen solid and I know this morose became an awful but you would think the people kind of understand the power of this technology and if you've got a multi millionaire athlete whose worth everything you would monitor aggressively how much of his foot you are freezing how much of his body it this is a totally tolls I know I don't get it I'm good man only live forever I don't need to look like you know forty one when I'm ninety I'm cool without the technology this is good show on Netflix right now there's like five thousand good shows on Netflix so it is obvious or cut through the noise call another life the lady from Battlestar Galactica isn't it all the people of while the forever be frozen go to sleep I'm cool I'm out I'm good if it's only around actually injured because his foot got frozen maybe we should add to a long and hard pause about the benefits of our freeze in our bodies for the sake of planes boards and higher level chipper Jones hall of fame are going to be on the program here general Joe bill water fill in just a minute the Braves didn't go get Zach cranky Greg by the way got us first when yesterday's an astro gave up I think five five runs didn't matter Astros rallied around him in that stole all the headlines Jake he's not making moves a lot of headlines but the Braves won out and they got to really nice arms in the bullpen they haven't played as well but there's an adjustment period will visit with chipper about that team about his expectations for the Braves in the post season rolls around the National League central and just the wild car race is really interesting to and I think I said this yesterday I was brutally aggressive toward the Mets and they just keep winning baseball games and proven wrong on that front with a couple games back in the wildcard we'll get gibber gibber take on that kind of momentum the what it can mean we'll just talk some some of the news round the majors with chipper Jones when we come back to the program the Jim Rome show after this CBS sports radio update with Andrew Bogut sports wagon bill with all due respect.

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