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And this one. This one is great guy named Bruce Pascoe. Uh, he's a little younger than us couple years and he stumbled upon his child could collection off hot wheels. His mom didn't throw him away like ours did 20 years ago. And since then He has amassed some of the most desirable hot wheels the company ever made. He has a pink beach bomb. VW bus One of five It's estimated. Had $150,000.0 my God for how Leo's Wow. Now that is not the priciest version of that bus. There are 23 window variants. You know the 23 window. VW bus is Is highly sought after and in the real world, too. But It's one of the rarest Rarest hot wheels. There is the 23 window variant and how we'll just $190,000. 100, almost $200,000. Oh, man. To go return on investment. Yes, they what with a 50 cents back then. Maybe. What a five bucks Now I don't I don't even know Um, I think I'm gonna start playing out with his car's right said I'd like to start buying them. I mean, yeah. How do you know what the next big thing is going to be All man? Why didn't I think of that? Let's see what's the most expensive How well car we could find on eBay right now. Well, that that's the they say that that's number one. Well, that's the priciest version of that vehicle. I don't know what the highest priced period is. Well, you know, there's got to be a serial number 000000001. Somewhere that you know, worth millions. But I don't know. I'm not. You know all that familiar with with that world. You know. So remember when Aston Martin, uh Built that first residential tower in Miami. And it was everybody thought. You know how cool it was. Well, now they're building. They're building one in New York 66 stories bigger than the one in Miami. And Was set in motion back in 2016. And there, you know, Ferrari did this portion to this and said to open In 2022 in Miami. Right along..

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