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The song Your Love. Tony died unexpectedly only 62. Hey, the band that we're from England at your love was a big top 10 hit back in 1986 and then Spencer Davis of the Spencer Davis Group passed away at the age of 81. That was an 18 year old son, Steve Winwood was doing the lead vocal on that's much. Davis, of course, was a great musician. It's of great songs over the years, some of the great in a lot of movies on DH just start feeling rage when you start losing people like Spencer Davis. His booking agent, Bob Burke, said that he had been hospitalized for the last week with pneumonia was one of the anthems today. Just absolutely But it was Steve Winwood actually, who is perceived of as the voice on and of course, the one who had had some minor success after that, if you issue but that song you mentioned being in an anthem was in Days of thunder, Big chill. Good morning, Vietnam. Iron Eagle wasn't like 10 different movies on it was the number 7 1966 and ranked 247 in the top 500 of all time. Spencer Davis. Has passed the age of 81. All right. If you want to join us, we'll hear from you. What do you is Your reaction to Michael Steele? Is it? Is it really unexpected and no. I mean, you know he's hey again is it has always been a rhino. Has never really truly been a conservative on now, Of course, you know he gets his bread is buttered over at M s DNC and so two again cement his Left wing credentials over at that network. You gotta walk the walk on date exactly what he's done, but it is so sad to see a lot of Bush's Tom Ridge. Would it be nice if a former president? I mean, this is what's up for grabs here? We keep hearing about this march to socialism and progressivism, and if you're truly a Republican, and let's see you, you can't stand Donald Trump's personality. But his policies have been right spot on And you want to save this country from the socialist hole that they want to take us down. Why would you endorse these people? I just don't understand it. I mean, that's I guess hatred is such a strong emotion that clouds people's judgment and and their minds in that particular case. You know the situation is they're throwing out the baby with the bathwater. Basically, if they think that Donald Trump is a horrible man, and they can't stand his demeanor Look, I don't much like this to me either, but I am voting policy and that personality. I'm not voting for class president. I'm a high school junior. I'm voting for the guy who's most likely to point us in a direction that I think we should be appointed as a nation, and that is back toward small government conservatism with judges who actually read and admired the Constitution. And think they should actually be there to interpret the Constitution. Rather than write new laws on who will make us stronger militarily. I don't care about being loved by our allies. I care about our enemy's fury, the hell out of us. S O to me. I could put up with his brash New York stuff. But you know, and the angry tweets I could do without forever, but he's got the job done. 6 20 right now Talk radio.

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