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Hey, guys. Welcome to another episode of the fell Calix crossfire podcast. This podcast is not like our normal ones in this format. We pick various writers editors at the site against each other on a variety of topics for today's podcast. We have some very familiar names. If you've listened to our normal podcasts in the past, first and foremost, she is my co host on the falcons podcast. She is none other than touchdown balls herself. Never getting over that nickname. Gina thomas. Gina. How're you doing? I'm doing great, David. How are you today? Absolutely fantastic. I'm so excited. We're doing other crossfire. Yes. And you're now undefeated based on the votes from last week in the prior week. So it only stands to reason that you would defend your championship, south, you're way. Our and today Gina goes against one of our writers at the falcons Alec. He is one of our draft Googlers who is also a regular on the alcohol. Ick live our weekly Facebook live streaming show. He is none other than Eric Robinson. Eric. How're you doing man? I'm doing pretty well from doing pretty well for got us suffering through this season. I'm actually hoping. Good to hear excellent. All right. Here's the format. The combatants today will debate six topics each side will give exactly sixty seconds to make their case after both sides have made their case a thirty second rebuttal will be allowed. Although they don't have to take up all of that time. There are no rules of decorum. No limits on ad hominem. Just good old-fashioned in your face debates. Are you guys ready to begin? I was born ready..

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