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I don't know the point is is that this was designed purposely it was picked this concert in particular was pet because it is it is this is a concert that was for the majority of the ten days where young girls aged sixteen to twenty there were boys there for sure but this was i want everybody to get past that from because everybody has a kneejerk reaction well there were boys there someone i'm talking about this was specifically designed this this is a girls concert young girls and it was at the end of it when people would be leaving and it was specifically done at this time and i asked this i bring the sat because last night i tweeted out something last night because i was going to bring it to this point today so the majority of the audience was young girls if ever there was a war on women there you have one and as i noted last night will we see the pink hats brigade for these girls well we see these she persisted hashtag for these girls what will we see for these girls i saw the and i don't misconstrued what i'm about to say i saw that came from agence france presse said paris's eiffel tower is going to go dark for the.

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