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With an alleged plot to attack a hit list of Democrats and news anchors as well. A judge set bond at one hundred thousand dollars for empire actor jussie smollet in court today. Indicted accused of lying about being attacked a Saugus police officer hill, the euro after running into a burning building to save a woman inside the measles vaccine it works, but there's a growing trend of states allowing some parents to opt out and now measles is on the rise. The FDA says it may be time to intervene. FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb told CNN this week the federal government might step in if as he put it certain states continue down the path that they're on Gottlieb said some states are allowing such white exemptions that they're creating an opening for outbreaks on a national scale more than sixty measles cases have been confirmed this year in a Washington say county known for high levels of vaccination exemptions lawmakers there and in Iowa are rejecting moves to make it easier to get exemptions. Vaccination requirements for students aren't speaking of vaccines, preventing someday, even eliminating cervical cancer. Now seems possible. It is one of the most preventable cancers, mainly with the H P V vaccine, but also it can be detected with routine screenings. And now doctors say women should start getting a Pap test in their twenties. Medical reporter, Stephanie stall cervical cancer is mainly transmitted sexually by the human papillomavirus. It's also become the leading cause of throat cancer. In men, the HP vaccine is recommended for both boys and girls starting at age nine it can be given up to the age of forty five. Doctors say the vaccine is the best way to prevent cervical cancer. But research says HP vaccination rates are lower than they should be baby powder with a special. So we've heard the claims now the government is looking into the investigation comes after some thirteen thousand lawsuits from consumers claiming that it's best as in Johnson and Johnson baby powder is caused. Cancer. Several suits have gone to trial. Last suffered a jury awarded nearly five billion dollars to twenty two variant cancer patients, the New York Times, and Reuters have reported that decades of internal documents showed the company was concerned about as best as it. It's talk products. Johnson and Johnson says its products are safe. Peter King, CBS news and other medical news this hour, a new look at prevention when it comes to depression, Osama psych study looked at six hundred thousand adults from their genetic makeup to their level of exercise and even a little bit of exercise made a difference in lowering the risk of depression..

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