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About stem. That's the thing signs with jobs are going to be in the future. I think things like design It's actually skills or someone we've talked about that course in Western civilization. That was controversial. Now I came across the syllabus but slashed not enough. I didn't think to bring it to them. Sorry I'll bring it next week. Rainsy Saint. Let's talk about it because I think it's highly relevant. Have you seen the syllabus Ni- but the problem with the rangy Santa I know the problem but listen. I think it's a course with teaching. Frankly it's having in the syllabus. The problem with the Ramsey Center is they want to control the coolest and side of the University here the teaches. Here's the course will control it and you just put you'll university stamp at the end of it too but that's that's not to say that what will be taught. We'll be suspect or or bad in any way. Maybe they just wanted to hire the people they thought were the best experts in each particular subject. Say Your time with that came with it. Wow happy for a universe you DECI. There's the building do you lock. We'll give you a rose named the part of the reason is because I've seen the rot which that has set in in the humanities university and they've been taken over by left-wing social justice warriors and I think it's about time. The universities had a bit more of a swing towards neutrality. The Ramsey Santa could conduct that course us the week where at the Ramsey Santa Education Center book guy. But what do they want they want to have the the impetus city whatever wacked on it. Well if you want that then you have to cede control to the Sydney University. Not What would would happen to the coast if they C- control to Sydney University if they don't value the Sydney University's involvement and they shouldn't be there if they like contrast you guys still negotiating with some clearly. Some universities are willing to take their money just quickly new topic Gulf Coast Young L. N. P. leader suspended so there was a video of these guys who are members of the L.. A who are at school. He's interviewing students in apply a clip from that. Say I have listened to this one. You you personally fed up with having all these sports stars standout stages and not singing the national anthem. They're putting their Australian jumper on. They're going to sing. The we've got to stop celebrating culture that couldn't even invent the body wheel for God's sake and say the interviewer baaqline backline McCain. He's chairman of the Gulf coast young nibbles was smiling as he's Mike and and his mighty. It was signed. That is some sort of young alien P volunteer of some sort and the guy who took the footage. They've all been suspended from your name. Pay Pending President's committee decision as to what to do with them and this is the Party of free speech man in do. What do you think of that? I think they should be able to say whatever the fuck they want. Frankly stupid enough to sign it citing insensitive wine and insensitive. Perhaps a little insensitive. I think would be a little insensitive but basically these guys were saying. They've had a gut full of being told how to respond to in a having our indigenous culture forced upon them at every single in public event. And they're saying look. Okay what's so great about it and it's about time somebody else. It wasn't a racist comment. I don't think accelerate they didn't say anything about people. They said culture recycling and so. Why shouldn't they make a comment about a culture? Yeah so it's just an ideology. What are basically commenting on it and well people might decide? Will you no longer a suitable later leader for us at the next opportunity. We're going to fight for somebody else. Want to actually ban them from the will to suspend them more discipline them. Ed Frankly Clinton was a little bit half hearted about what was going to happen to them. She didn't come out and say. Oh that's disgraceful. We've got to get rid of these people people you know because in her heart of hearts I think she agreed with them. Well there's also people that AIDS is who agree with that too I I found myself sympathizing with them. I have to say because I thought for goodness sake. It's about time and we've criticized indigenous culture on this program and and not criticizing the people we say no let's embrace the people but discard some of the defy. What's what's the word? I'm looking for the parts of the culture that are no longer relevant in the twenty first century. And I think that's what these guys were getting. There were saying we told old. We have to respect the Stone Age culture. That didn't invent the wheel. All they had was sticks that they threw it there. They Guy Mammals and seriously technologically. It was a Stein's culture. They might have been fun people and they are fine people. Why not just as fine as us? We embrace the people we reject the culture. It's like every ancestors were the same man. Sisters were were hunter gatherers and we we we discarded the culture as we develop technologically. It's not like we're we're shaming our ancestors by doing that. Can I tell you on halfway halfway. Through docking Yes and how is it going. I'm plenty of very interesting. Okay docking I have no idea why. So this is a book by Bruce Pascoe where he talks about indigenous civilization and he calls it civilization again again civilization. Well well the mine thing on finding is probably is in terms of their belief fish like some of the system. The head in terms of fishing great was quite ingenious winter hunting and gathering in day. It's not a civilization doesn't make it a civil and in terms of some of the huts and buildings kind of teepee log structures. Were Cli- sort. Sort of you. That sort of stuff were they widespread. I've I'm under the impression that if if they existed there were fairly rare but in terms of agriculture which is the one that really interested me and his ability to prove that I conducted some sort of agriculture. Is it's not convincing. And it's quite a while because as on rating if there's a foot night I'm then having to Vala the foot night and these are often the the diaries of explorers all what not and it's interesting a lot of it's online that you can just go in and give the diary of Mitchell and and go to the pied and stuff okay. So I'm finding that quite interesting. Actually looking at the at some stage probably in the new year visited. Yes yes so he's so far. I'm halfway through it. I'd say he's Irish decided and in terms of the agriculture and and he's also queering about. He's sort of suggesting that the main kind inhabited Australia. Yeah up to one hundred and twenty thousand years ago which is why beyond the DNA evidence sort of out of Africa theories that I've heard him so that yeah and he's quite most people sixty thousand saying he's feeling I get one of the reasons he's latched onto this audio of demonstrating that they had. Agriculture allegedly is that. He thinks that he thinks that gives them greater legitimacy as a culture in terms it was a greater equity as a culture and I get that well part of it he sang is that there was this theory out of England which was this in order to Cape Land. You know they would have lain grants. You had to improve the lane put structures on women. Greg crops do stuff at the lane in order to hold it. And and Hayes signed that one of the reasons why early settlers were What do the lane is was because there was not prove improvement of the land and he's Argument is will its falsity. It was. It was a false picture painted because it made it easier to say we're taking the slain because you're not using it so it was a deliberate cover up in a because it might be easier to tight land because under English law if you hadn't hadn't improved it then you had less inclined to it so legal. That's what he says is a motivation law. What he says it was a misrepresentation misrepresentation on its side quite interesting and I read to me? Dan always different rabbit halls. And I'll talk about it. In the in one of them was this lady who lived with indigenous tribes for bet forty years in Western Australia and I were really kind of desert remote culture and terrible things happening in this daisy. Yes yes did you read that. I've just read snippets. Yeah so that's in fact. I was going to order the book that was quite shocking but then I read this other one. There was French guy. who was I Cabin homeboy on a ship that got shipwrecked in New York and he ended up living with an indigenous community for seven years because tightening. Yeah I by the story. That pints is entirely different to the on the DNC bites obviously plentiful food. Keep your only Elliott just fishes almost jumping out of the race bike at a everywhere. Exactly so Say Big variation. There was convicted. Victoria wasn't the ugly will impact was Ni- buckling got anyway but well. He was in Victoria. He was an escaped convict. And he lived with the convicts for something like twenty indigenous in think. Not with convicts with the indigenous. Oh yes apparently he did. I thought because when we saw you've got accolades nineteenth. I know I'm not sure I why we say that. No but apparently he did he. He ran away from the prison. All the gods whoever he was with and he came across some indigenous people and I accepted him and he lived with him for quite a number of years and so he also lighter turn. Some point recorded his experiences in his impressions of the culture. Ryan okay. Well it's been a long one it because before we go to get a shot at someone who lives in wiles occurs Abigail. She's a first year pollute international politics student at the University of every list with ever risked worth probably and she has made it into and she has listened to us so much we are near in her top five on spotify. Absolutely thank you very much. Also thank you to a new patron wine who made a contribution via pipette. Thank you wine Christmas present requests from the listeners. So when you meeting with relatives or other people either the break in stock that news as in politics sex and religion. Whatever at some point could you please side? You know what I'm listening to this podcast. The fist in the velvet. Have you ever heard of it. And if they haven't then I'll tell we just say you really should listen to them. It's it's quite good innate to grab the person's fine fine the PODCAST APP and search for subscribe inside of them. There it is now. He's my favorite episode. Because at the point that you do it maybe the episode we just done. Wasn't that good. So just scroll through and say Look Episode Number Two hundred and twenty seven or whatever. That was a good one. I recommend you look at it so so if you are a fan of the podcast that I'd like you to give us for. Christmas is to introduce at least one person to the podcast. Gratifying Mike. Mike like their APP. Subscribe and Mike is very very good seduced absolutely whole bunch of new Russian subscribers. uh-huh by friends about this so I I'm expecting some comments a little bit tacky shoop to the Germany as maybe you can stop I'll say what I speak to your polish-speaking frame. I will see her. Probably tomorrow. Good problem so I will not or ought thank you for listening. It's been a long one. We'll talk to you next week. Thanks for Tidiane by..

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