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Here we go coming down in three into robin lehner. Robin leonard tweets. Robin leonard tweets. Abo- benzodiazepine robin leonard tweets about ambien. Robert leonard tweets abode. Elaine robin leonard. Freeze tweets about jack. Eichel where's all this start. It all started with jack heikal. I think this whole situation and leonard has been very clear about. This started because of jack. We've done a lot with eichel this off season. Of course we interviewed the doctor. Dr price mack. Who wants to do the Disc replacement on eichel. The sabers have so far not approved and you know last week on our podcast on the news pod. That was released seven days ago. We talked about that. We didn't like where this was going for the national hockey league that if they didn't find a way to solve this it wasn't going to be a good thing although i don't think either one of us had on our bingo card in terms of what he was going to do now and how he was gonna step into it but i think this is all about eichel. I don't think there's any doubt about that. I do believe there are a number of players out there who feel that the way has been treated not right. I think that they feel that eichel. Trapped that the sabers won't let him get the surgery and that they won't trade him. You know one of the things we talked about on last week's podcast geoff was that will this be a lost year. Will we be in a situation where jack eichel is out the entire year. And we're talking about this again next season and there were a couple of players who told me that you know they of heard that and you don't think about it because it's not your situation but then all the sudden you hear that you begin to think. Could that really happen and from wire stan. I i haven't spoken tikal. He stayed very quiet. I've heard that he and people who are close to him are worried about that. That kind of begun to filter. Its way through the national hockey league and later in particular felt that you know he had to speak up and he wanted to speak up because he didn't think that was right. He doesn't think that. I should face a lost season and again. It's the thing that we talked to vote. He was legitimately injured during nhl game. He was not injured skydiving. He was not injured snowmobiling. He was not injured playing pickup basketball. This is something where he was hurt. And i think all of this stems from that. That leonard took it on himself to say. I don't think this is right. I don't think that this should allow to be a stalemate. I don't believe that this player should be prevented from getting the surgery. He wants and i think he's also saying that the fact that he might not be able to get surgery and he might not be able to get traded. He doesn't believe that's right. And i think that's where it all started from leonard. Took it upon himself as a former teammate of vehicles and just a person. I guess to say this isn't right. This isn't right but this is something that is a cb issue. This is something that the players association doesn't hold jurisdiction over generally. I agree with you. You're right. I think one of the things. This kind of been going on quietly is that there have been conversations about you know that passage and what it might actually mean and should the players association arbitrate it and they might lose and there are some lawyers who say to me. They think that they would lose. But even if the players association arbitrated it's not a short process and it doesn't really help. I go now and i think that's kind of where we are is what leonard saying and i think what i in those around him feel is. How can we fix this in the short term. One of the things that. I've been kinda hearing is i have heard his agents it. Seeing now pat persona j. p. berry like that group has had two very big files over the last few weeks. Yes one of them is vancouver. Using patterson they represent both and the other is now acl who they represent. Newly and i've heard they've been grinding away at. How do we solve this problem. The sabers and i checked this last week. The savers as of the middle of last week had not given permission for articles medical information to be shared. But what. I think they're trying to do is with everything that they're allowed to do every way that they are allowed to do this. They are trying to inch forward. They have taken aigle to other specialists. They are trying to educate on the disc replacement they are trying to make teams comfortable with potentially making a trade for acl. They won't comment on this. Because it's really sensitive. You'll this whole buffalo situation jeff. You know what it is and everybody listening to. This can understand this. Take a partner that you've had in your life husband wife boyfriend girlfriend partner. Whatever it is someone that you really loved and you really thought that you were going somewhere with and all the sudden you break up and it gets really nasty and ugly. Every single one of us has gone through except for jeff because he's the true heartbreaker and he never has feelings lance romance here but everybody out there is had that and with eichel. The sabers saw eichel as their leader to a new era that he was going to be the cornerstone of the new group of the news savers. And it's gone badly. And i think this goes above kevin adams i think this is the ownership level and i think they are sort of like the lover that really believed in this relationship and they weren't the ones who called it off and here we are. That happens like we've all seen that happen our lives and you know i think it's colored the whole situation. I this is why. I say jeff that like we said last week the nhl is going to negotiate the out here. Because this isn't good for anyone. So i'm of the firm firm belief and i think it sounds like you are as well that the hulas had a. Don't worry jack gonna make this thing right eventually.

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