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Is len walter with you we're looking at a stock market that's trying to come back from yesterday steep sell off the dow is up fifty six nasdaq up twenty four th you open smp up six high seventy s news update zero tolerance on hold but it's not stopping president trump from talking tough about immigrants crossing the southern border he's pointing a finger at democrats they wanna protect illegals coming into the country much more so than you want to protect you and that's not where we're coming from california's democratic congresswoman jackie speier says her biggest concern is how those immigrants are being treated we demand that you provide real reunification and that no longer will there be family separation correspondent major garrett at the white house is falling back on to defend the president's rhetoric which is grabbed a lot of headlines understandably is it wants congress to change and existing law dealing with human trafficking they say there's a loophole there that smugglers exploit by sending children unaccompanied and that means they have to be protected in the immigration system once they arrive at the border at cbs news update i'm deborah rodriguez news time eight thirty two separate incidents on chicago's southside have left one person dead and nine others wounded the shootings happened five minutes and twelve miles apart chicago police say that about ten fifty last night on one hundred and twenty third and yale and west pullman a nineteen year old man was killed and three other people were wounded witnesses reported that the man who was killed had started the shooting and someone else returned fire meanwhile five minutes earlier six people were shot while standing around thirty ninth in vincennes the wounded are expected to survive bernie foia newsradio one zero five point nine fm a frantic search took place last night after a toddler disappeared at the greyhound bus station in the west loop police hey a family acquaintance took the two year old girl without permission sparking panic the child was found in the area about twenty minutes later she was checked by paramedics reunited with her mother no word yet if charges will be filed synthetic drugs are being blamed for more cases of severe bleeding in northern illinois chemical found in rat poison was discovered in the latest problem batch of synthetic cannabinoid like spice k two and fake pot a majority of the new cases popping up in the rockford area wisconsin is also seen cases of it symptoms include coughing up blood blood in the urine severe flooding nose bleeding gums and or internal bleeding it's unclear if this is a new batch or whether some was held back when an investigation began in march officials say bottom line stay away from synthetic cannabinoid michelle fiore news radio on one five point nine fm well known wieners circled on clark street in chicago's lincoln park neighborhood may have to take it's hot dogs and customers and their customer insults elsewhere cranes reports the building's landlord is making plans to sell.

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