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Pictures of me. It's amazing. Somebody like found pictures of me from like ten years ago, like standing there with my hair. And there is and here's Peter Sagaing. Here's Peter sale. And here's Peter say, Peter Sega rally. I thought they were gonna show a picture of my barmitzvah. I thought that's. And so like, I said, we got this ridiculous amount of hate mail. My father called me up and said, are you going to be okay? Yeah. Because what happens is they forget and they move on. And that's what happened to me was like one big spout of hate mail. And then we moved on. So I don't care. Moment. I know it was fun. Yeah. Paxson the audience questions in the orchestra. Yes. Yes. I'm fan Girling right now. So thank you. So I you know, I as highbrow as I am in watching and listening to NPR. I did like turn on TMZ, Mike, an ally and another fellow Jew. Harvey Levin was talking about the fact that we're heading towards a civil war in this country. And I just wondered if you would comment on your thoughts are about I don't know. I I'm just as concerned as anybody, and I have no solutions. Something there's a guy named. Another June named Rosanna. His Jay Rosen. And he writes about the media and particularly about journalism and journalism ethics. And I think that this is a very challenging and interesting time for journalism because the rules that we used to have about journalism that worked really really well don't work anymore, and it's hard to figure out what to do next. But one of the things he said in the conversation about this is he said about a third of the country already voluntarily lives under an authoritarian media. Meaning that they live in the only media they choose to listen to is one in which the message has chosen by the authoritarian leader and echoed by the media, and that's bad. That's really bad to have a third roughly of our country that simply believes in a different reality that they're being told to believe in for somebody else's purposes. The one thing that I think of is. People say that the civil war was about slavery. It was people who tell you. It's about states rights, obviously, they're line. The underlying cause was slavery. We know that but the immediate cause was to save democracy. When Lincoln spoke at Gettysburg. Famous creation. So the government of the people by the people for the people shall not perish from the earth doesn't mention slavery. What does he talking about? He's talking about the fact that they're trying to save democracy because the civil war began because there was a presidential election in half the country that losing half said, well, if that guy one we're out we defy the results were just going to leave and Lincoln new because he was Lincoln that if he allowed that it would be the end of constitutional democracy, as I was saying earlier part of the religion, we'll believe in is if you lose it election, you take your lumps you trying to win the next month. So if we fall to blows if we come to violence fighting over anything, but that if it's a war of fight over. I can't even imagine what it might be abortion rights or gun rights, or whatever. Then by virtue of that fight. We've already lost. It's over. It. Doesn't matter who wins because if we try to start settling are policy differences. Through violence, then it's over because the whole point of the constitution was that's what humans did throughout the entirety of history until they got to this amazing experiment that was thought up by these people to fifty or so years ago in which they said, we're not going to settle things do so like I said if we start settling things through violence policy issues them were already toast. It's already over it doesn't matter who wins. So I hope not I guess is the best thing I can say because I think that way lies the end of everything. I'm sorry. That was not a very cheerful. Well on that cheer for note. I think I speak on behalf of everybody here. We appreciate your work on wait. Wait, don't tell me. Appreciate being with you tonight, sharing an eliminating and funding kind. Thanks to all of you for being here this evening. Thanks, especially.

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