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Fonda says it follows the removal of two high ranking officials one permanently and won the temporary halts for now there are two employees in the town of hall who now have the word acting in their job title acting school superintendent and acting DPW director each elevated to their new positions this week in the case of the superintendent she was named after Michael Devine was placed on administrative leave for alleged personal misconduct on the job claims the town will look into V. or an independent outside investigator a probe town police have been alerted to the new DB W. director is Joe Stickley Arnie who takes over for James dial who three years into the job was placed on paid leave for unknown reasons last summer ultimately to be fired last month the town manager thus far has refused to comment on the decision to remove that it held Chris samba WBZ Boston's newsradio video goes viral that shows a child sized dummy in an even flow child booster so he to being violently tossed around during a crash test CBS news caught transportation correspondent Chris van Cleve sits down with the New York family of Gillian brown five year old paralyzed with the car she was riding in was involved in a crash four years ago Jillian brown was a five year old in constant motion she was about to start kindergarten in two thousand sixteen when her world changed coming to parents Jane Lindsay and the first thing I did was look back to on the check on the girls Lindsay was driving her two daughters Chilean and Samantha to daycare when they were hit on the driver.

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