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Army Corps of Engineers has deployed to help. We're trying to assess how we can reduce the strain on their facilities and the mechanical spaces. Some hospitals have reported issues with oxygen flow in systems. Typically do not handle the demand of overflowing emergency rooms and intensive care units. The 02 oxygen levels just because the increased demand there freezing. The Army Corps has assessed five hospitals so far, with two more scheduled for Sunday. Open 19 deaths in the U. S have just top 350,000 in the U. S, according to Johns Hopkins University, former Kansas Governor Mark Parkinson on vaccinating people challenge that we see across the country with the general population, and that's the fact that we have a vaccine that requires two doses and has to be stored in extremely cold temperatures, which just adds a layer of complexity onto what is already Very difficult situation. India has just approved for use the Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine. Congress is set to count the electoral college votes on Wednesday. Several senators say they'll reject the results unless the commission is appointed to conduct an audit of the results. CBS is Ed O'Keefe says the threat is mostly symbolic fact that senators like Ted Cruz of Texas Judge Holly Missouri are involved signals that this though it's to resolve the 2020 presidential election may actually have something to do with the beginnings of the Republican race for the 2024 presidential election. We're just days away from to run off elections in Georgia that will decide control of the U. S. Senate University of Political of Georgia Political science professor Charles will look, the third Democrats have been getting their boats out. Republicans. Really gonna be in a position on Tuesday had to pay a bit of catch up. You know they're going to be able to turn out enough people on election day to overcome this early advantage. The Democrats have one of Saudi Arabia is best known women's rights activists has been sentenced to almost six years in prison. CBS is Holly Williams. Jayne al. Half, Lou's brother will lead told us his sister has always been courageous. Her family says she was tortured in jail, subjected to electric shocks and threats of rape. It was brutal. It was insane. It was inhuman. A Saudi court found there was no evidence of torture. But I'll have lose family claims It was supervised by this man sowed Al Kahtani. Ah, former close associate of the.

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