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The best outside chance of lightning and being able if you got shirts underground to win two games of series. You got a chance to win it all. And they have the potential to do that. They haven't pitched the full season. They've got another hundred innings in them, and I think the injuries early on puts them out of real strength heading into the postseason. Are we past our hatred or should we be past our hatred for the Astros? We should be past it because a lot of those players no longer are there. But they are overlooked. It's a very talented team. I think they're the best probably in the American League. Although my sleeper is the Blue Jays. Oh, people are overlooking the Jays. Got a lot of young talent there. Young talent. They got an asim manoa. Burials can be there. I think they got the staff that can do it the bullpens there. And then the outside probably the best pitching might be the Mariners. They probably are the best pitching. I don't think you're a Mariners. Your Mariners. But I think the lineup is strong enough. No. Altuve going to be a first battle Hall of Famer? He should be, but he might get the Ravi Alomar treatment. For a lot of guys held Robbie back for a year because he spit on the umpire and had that controversy with the, what does garbage can get? I guess with my colleagues. They might punish Altuve for that, but he's a tremendous talent, I think he's the first battle Hall of Famer. Yeah, I wondered about that of how long do you punish somebody for something like that? And the crazy thing about Altuve and it's been backed up by so many people, he never wanted signs. He didn't want people to tell him what was coming or nothing. And I played with guys like that. You know, Alvin Davis never wanted to pitch. Tony Gwynn never wanted to know. You know, I wanted to know. Let me know. So you didn't know you had guys who would signal if they were on second base. They would let you know. I used to do that quite a bit. You know, Ken Phelps was like, I'll take two strikes for you to get the second. Still the base and let me know. And yeah, I had one time, Johnny Moses gave me the wrong sign. I thought it was gonna be a breaking ball and it was a fastball. I was hit me. And after that, I was like, I don't want anymore. Okay, how would you signal me if I'm at the plate? And it's going to be a breaking ball. Well, there's a couple of different ways. One, I would go to my knees, like if I stand up right now.

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