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Date um so yeah my brotherinlaw's said he went to pick up my kids because he's worried about leaving the house today i think he was my wife said he was joking i knee and talk to them but uh our says joking i don't know i don't know if i can believe him broncos giants on sunday are we have our poll questioned up right now and the poll question is what will you do if the broncos lose the giants not who you think is going to win now i'm glad you didn't go at that who you got your light broncos denver denver broncos do that was my first idea a guy named go with them i usually go with a second nerve later idea so the question is what will you do if the broncos lose the giants will you punch someone or something i think first thing i'll do as pinch myself prices make sure this is reality i will smack myself in the face at odds this second thing is renounce famed them which right now nobody has voted for that now so good on you broncos boundaries fan are he did a couple of weeks ago has true so if if you will renounce it when you lose the buffalo you're never going to renounce it will you stop watching football altogether or will you do something else that would have happened a couple of radio uh or will you do something else and we ask that you a elaborate because we love to hear what you're going to do the reason why we're posing that question is because the giants right now are a little bit of admits uh first of all before we get into the giants um we it's a friday tradition we gotta do it we wanna know who's inwho's out here's buckle up this is going to be a little i'm going to go and get a soda while you listen to advance joseph tell you the injured report for sunday gut lattimore out impacts enough as it questions all right never mind pretty easy pretty straightforward stuff on on the other hand the.

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