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It's the whole team by the way, the, the other thing about Friday night had a friend text me during the game. You're really watching this. I said, yeah, he said, this is shitty shitty game poorly played game man. I didn't feel that way at all. I thought that game was so intense from the jump you had a desperate champion doing everything. It could to survive knowing it had to win that game you had, by the way, blood everywhere, with van Vliet juicy take that hit. You know, from Shaun Livingston, certainly non-intentional, but seven stitches, by the way, he missed the fourth quarter. I thought that was huge in the game. I thought it was going to hurt Toronto. I thought the game was. Was what you expect in the middle part of a series with one team, desperate to win and the other team going for a knockout punch. I thought it was great. Was it pure, you know, flawless basketball? No. But it was the intensity was the defensive intensity that made the game at time sloppy. But at other times, not sloppy at all like Toronto in the second half. How about surge of Baca, whomever? It was who relentlessly attacked me on Twitter last year. When I said, a Bach would be the difference for the raptors and gave him a chance to win against Cleveland that a box of being on the team was going to be the difference with derozen, you know that team and I I've just always been a surge of Bach fan. You can take that back now. 'cause Bacchus been spectacular. He's been so good for the raptors so important to what they've been able to accomplish here in the final. Nls. I thought Kyle Lowry. Once again, was a huge factor without the numbers necessarily for the raptors. He makes every right decision. Speaking of getting it right. The warriors remember the discussion about the box in one and Steve Kerr, not knowing what to do against the box in one game three Aaron and coaches agreed. I mean they didn't they didn't rip them for, but they're like you just don't see it in the NBA and clearly they were caught off guard. Well, he did know how to handle it the other night, they went to Toronto did briefly, and they put Shaun Livingston right in the middle of that two to zone portion of it, and they got the ball right to the middle. And they got open shots. I don't think they made him but they knew how to attack it. And by the way overall, I know the ratings are down. I know a lot of you aren't paying as much attention to these NBA finals as I am. But I have really enjoyed this series, these playoffs really since the first round first round was terrible. Once you got to the conference some is, you know, the Philadelphia Toronto series in that seventh and. Deciding game in the choir Leonard buzzer-beater, it's just been a pleasure to watch Leonard in particular, these, these twenty nineteen playoffs will forever be remembered for quite Leonard, not the Houston, Golden State series, maybe Durant's injury. But quite Leonard's historic run through these playoffs has been a pleasure to watch. They are just one and a half point favorites tonight. You know they were two and a half point favorite in game two..

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