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We know on. Tell me what you going do. Timmy cafeteria. Nothing. New TIMMY, you could bring a bullet. Bring swore bring a more. But you can't bring the TIMMY, Alexa, play Kendrick. Lamar and says, okay. With Amazon music voices. All you need get tens of millions of songs. Download the Amazon music app today. For listening to the AP digital news network. Residents of London's Neo bankside apartment complex enjoy spectacular views over the city, but as AP correspondent, Karen China's reports some are unhappy at being displayed themselves disgruntled neighbors of the Tate modern gallery complaining that if you in platform at the Tate just opposite. Let's hundreds of thousands of tourists a year appearance. And I'm taking the gallery to coats. They wants a full gallery too close of part of the tenth throw terrace, which office three hundred sixty degrees. The London a lawyer for the man is told the judge that the platform news by up to one million people a year constitutes a relentless invasion of the resident's privacy, the galleries pool. It says the simple sedation is for the residents to Joe that blinds and as necessary to put up catton's Cantamessa London. More blue collar foreign workers could be allowed in Japan under a draft Bill approved by the cabinet as the country faces labor shortages because of its fast aging population, the country's long resisted accepting foreign workers and the Bill the major revision of its foreign labor policy. The proposed legislation would create two new visa categories for foreigners employed in more than a dozen sectors prime minister Shinzo Abe's denies the relaxed policy means Japan's opening its doors to immigrants the government hopes. The Bill will be enacted by next April. Presidential style campaigning. I'm Tim Maguire, the AP news minute, President Trump and former President Barack Obama agree on one thing as they hit the campaign trail people have to vote in the midterm elections. For one simple reason..

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