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At travel centers of america ta and petro stopping centers around the country hole but the cool cup the coolest go on the road so the rain continues to spread inland today reaching the the lower mississippi and the ohio valley such a north carolina in virginia flooding becomes more of a concern all the local level moisture from urba continues northward move in it a part of the bit west eto ultimately the northeast as we head of the mid week the main circulation moves into the mid atlantic in the northeastern states later this week it may even linger for parts of the next upcoming weekend the suddenly started the week we'll end generally cloudy so folks from cincinnati to columbus ohio pittsburgh charleston west virginia the washington d c baltimore to philadelphia and new york city corridor we'll be happy to dodge showers on occasion during the second half of the week there will still be enough moisture for scattered showers but it in no way will it be a washout or bring a flash flood threat to the area of those attending the outdoor events will but of gravity jacket or at unbrella though erbas winds will largely disappear eight during its trek over land so just breezy conditions the expected with the rainfall by the end of this week the wet weather could stick around for the weekend potentially threatening some sporting events that there are still some uncertainty on what effects the leftover circulation of herb will ultimately have on hurricane jose and if impacts on the.

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