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Yeah cameron mackintosh presents the spectacular new production of andrew lloyd webber's phantom of the opera critics are raving it's bigger and better than ever before seed of a nominal new production of a world's greatest love story the phantom of the opera at the ohio theater january third through fourteen visit ticketmastercom for tickets now a western christmas it rods is not what it used to be today's western the titles look which is most a little people more i think got edgy a pretty good idea and exciting of what of is course out this rods week has but you it can all buy your tickets in rods you is can right get all here your friends in together your backyard preorder your concessions on the western and side then skip of seventy the one lines on silver dr it and of course is you can stunning shop online at rods in dot its com eez and brilliance do you love and you can the even way your win hold free looks stuff in the fall the right backdrop now if you want of to try colorful leaves and text fall the decorations word favorite to why a not t make o sure m you one love it's another the way chance your whole to win looks all year if long you were add curb if appeal you do that and just value keep in mind to your home abc six meteorologisy andrew buck michael we finally made it to friday morning in today is the coldest day on our seventy forecast could see a little bit of light spotty snow today little to no accumulation expected in mostly to partly cloudy skies type let's still a little bit of light snow mainly north 27 agrees for the overnight low tonight and then tomorrow partly cloudy with a high of forty two his check of your forecast powered by the basement dr currently it's 17 and grand new nineteen at your severe weather station news radio.

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