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This off season. And I point to the bears. The bears are are spending seventy five million dollars in payroll this year on three players not who are quarterbacks Khalil Mack. Alan Robinson and KENDALL fuller. So to me, you can't do that. If you have a twenty five million dollar quarterback. So people are making. Hey, the Rams with all their spending with golf on that deal eagles all their spending last year with wince on that deal. So this is a real advantage ad for teams with rookie quarterbacks. And I think we're, you know, belaboring the point, but you take away from that -bility with bending sixteen million on her backup quarterback. Yup. I think you're right. And I think also, you know, a lot's been said about, you know, for the play offs, and the fact that the six highest paid quarterbacks or whatever. Yeah. They didn't make the playoffs. But I Don I mean flacco is making a lot of money as a backup that that number is still on the ravens roster. You know? I mean, plenty of these other guys are making money. Andrew luck makes a lot of money. Philip rivers makes a lot of money. So I I think that that point is probably a little bit overblown. I think I think the value of quarterbacks on rookie deals is not. But I think when you look at luck and rivers and Russell Wilson. And these guys drew Brees any of those teams are all tell you. They're more than happy to pay those guys those amounts before lead quarterbacks. I want to ask questions about two quarterbacks that I always get and have gotten from you. So I'm going to turn the table. So this where he may be a little uncomfortable. Because here the two questions, I always get. Is Aaron Rodgers pre Madonna is Aaron Rodgers pushing out McCarthy is Aaron Rodgers going to be too involved in the next coach that's all one question. And the second question is on another quarterback. I'm always asked about in terms of his compensation. We just found out the five incentives. That were added to Tom Brady's contract were not I repeat not earned. So he's back to a fifteen million dollar number this year, which I think puts them like eighty fifth in the NFL. So your comments on each of those questions, which I get all the time. And now, I can turn it over to you. So for Aaron Rodgers, you know, I don't know. Erin, very well. So I don't really know the dynamic there. I do know though that there are enough whispers there enough things from Greg Jennings or other former teammates. And the people that suggests things that make you believe that there's some truth to, you know, whether it's Aaron Rodgers audible ING too much or Aaron Rodgers, you know, not being happy and publicly calling out the, you know, there's belief that after they won that one game twenty to nothing that at Aaron Rodgers wasn't thrilled with the game plan and kind of passively aggressively called out McCarthy for the game plan there. I do think that there's some truth to that. He's a very bright guy. I think he's very driven. And I think he probably knows how to play the game at times and get what he wants and. Yeah. I think it's up to individuals to decide whether or not that's right or wrong or whether or not they liked that or don't like that. But it certainly feels like. You know that Aaron Rodgers I dunno of rub. Some people the wrong way is the right way to describe it. But you know, it's he's not without any blame. I think it's probably the best way to describe talking both in his performance on the fields as to how he goes about his business as for Brady. I've got two thoughts there number one. It is incredibly insulting in my mind that evidently he wanted five million more bucks. You wanted a little boost his contract and rather than them just giving it to him on. He's played such a steep discount for so long. They actually made him put incentives in and then he was able to get it like to me that is so insulting so ridiculous. And of course, you know, patriots fans will say, well, you have to sign it didn't have to do it then. Well, no, you're right..

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