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Gelato you've ever tasted in salted caramel truffle. Coconut chocolate cookie, five indulgent layers in each jar. When it comes to gelato, Valenti has raised the job and so should you. Raise the jar. So the 10 freeway is going to be the rough spot this morning. So westbound side, right? 57. They did wrap up with Summerlee Road work. But if you're coming out of Pomona, you're heavy on the brakes, Air Town avenue to the 57 u get a small break and then a grand. You're on the brakes again, and that's solid over towards Azusa, where there's a sig alert. That three. Right lane shut down because they're cleaning up after earlier big rig fire, So you just squeeze him by in the left there, the 2 10 and the 60. Both are still wide open for you and better than the 10 Freeway headed for the drive on the floor. 05 Freeway South found side coming upon Carson Street. Couple two left lanes for blocks. But looks like they're wrapped up with that crashed. So your drive is much improved. Now come away from the 1 10 and then South found side of the freeway to get to Mission Viejo. They did wrap up with roadwork at La Paz not seeing any delays there, and that looks good on the way to San Juan Cap Pastrano. This traffic What is sponsored by New Canada dry, bold ginger. I'm not your grandma. I don't wear 12 layers of clothes in July, and I don't drink your grandma's ginger rail. I drink New Canada dry, bold ginger with an extra kick of real ginger tastes. New Canada drive old ginger, not your grandma's Ginger ale. What is it? Maybe I don't Don't another chance to win $1000 Easy money is coming up at seven o'clock 10 for three. My FM here, lad, But sin is.

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